RAF Vitry en Artois



RAF Vitry en Artois


Photograph 1 is of a group of four airmen standing in front of a 6' high post and wire fence in heavy frost. They are wearing battledress and are armed. Reginald George Cavalier is second from the right. Captioned 'Dec 24th 1944 Jock Sadler, Chalky White, Les Seymour.'

Photograph 2 is of a group of airmen around steaming drums. Captioned 'Jan 12th 1945. Washing Up.'

Photograph 3 is of a group of 12 airmen including Reginald George Cavalier standing in deep snow in front of a tent. Captioned 'Dec 24th 1944, 137 Wing, S.H.Q. Photographers.'

Photographs 4, 6 and 8 are of a crashed B-17. On the tail is 'L', 'O', 'MS' and '48593', the rest of the aircraft has been completely destroyed. Captioned 'Feb 1945, Crashed Flying Fortress A/C U.S.A. on Aerodrome, Vitroy (sic) en Artois. R.A.F. Vitroy [sic] en Artois'

Photograph 5 is four airmen standing outside a tent in heavy frost. Reginald George Cavalier is second on the left. Captioned 'Jan 1st 1945, Jock Sadler, Les Seymour, Hal Ashley.'

Photograph 7 is of a lorry with an airman standing beside it. There is snow on the ground and icicles on the lorry. Captioned 'Jan 1st 1945, Mitch Mitchell, Frozen Photographic Section lorry.'



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Eight b/w photographs on an album page


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