Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from sergeant David Boldy to his father about his lack of operations recently. Mentions daily life and pastimes with his crew members in Leicester. He is concerned about how close the Japanese forces are getting to his father’s location.




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923995 Sgt. D.A. Boldy.
5, Chepstow Court,
Chepstow Crescent.
London. W.11.
12th March. 1942.

My darling Dad,

Just a line to say hullo[sic]. Had a short leave in London, since I last wrote. Just 48 hours but it’s better than nothing. Spent it fairly quietly. Had a quick drink with someone one evening & went to a flick the other.

Haven’t done much operating lately. The other night we went on a raid for the first time after over three weeks. Had to turn back as one of engines gave trouble & looked like catching fire. Have been on 16 raids so far.

Have been out with boys a couple of times recently. We just went out to a flick & then came back to camp after a meal. Used to live at quite a speed six months ago but have toned down

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Yesterday we had a stand down. That means no flying at all & we are free after lunch. So Ajan, my second pilot & I went to Leicester in Ken’s car (Ken is the second pilot on our crew). Saw a flick “The Chocolate Soldier” it was rather disappointing. After that we went to a dance hall but only had one dance as the crowd was very dull.

Hope to get some leave soon & go home. Don’t let the Japs get you down Dad. The filthy swine should be exterminated.

Am getting on very well. Have applied to change over to a pilot. Hope it comes through. If it does, even so the changeover won’t occur for at least six months to nine.

More later. God bless you Dad.
Lots of love
[underlined] Dave. [/underlined]



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