Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father about about his mother having German measles and applying to the Air Raid Precautions (voluntary).




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Two page handwritten letter


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59, Bathurst Mews,
Lancaster Gate,
London, W.2.,
22nd February, 1940

My darling Dad.

Thanks for your letter and all your news. Mum is in Hospital as Steve told you, but we had a letter from her this morning saying that on reexamination[sic] she has German Measles not ordinary measles. German measles is not too bad and Mum expects to be back in ten days. So don’t worry at not getting a letter from her. Yesterday I took down some flowers and fruit. Of course I wasn’t allowed to see her as it is infectious.

The Dr. said Mum could remain in the flat but we decided not to risk it, as Steve has his exam in a fortnight and also from the fact that she will get much better attention in a Hospital.

I have sent my name in as an Air Raid Warden (Voluntary). The people at the station are very nice. I expect to start work soon.

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Yesterday Peter rang up and asked me to Tea. After Tea Peter & his mother & father went to a flick & took me along. They were sorry to hear about Mum. Rosemary, Peter’s sister was in bed with Flu and [indecipherable] the other sister has just got over a painful operation.

In her letter Mum said she was feeling much better & that in a couple of days should be able to manage quite well. It is then that she will benefit from the rest in hospital. I think after she comes out we will insist in her taking a holiday somewhere, as soon as Steve’s exam is over.

The good old British Navy I don’t think the Altmark will get far, even if the Norwegians [deleted] u [/deleted] let her go.

I hope you are getting on well. Don’t worry about Mum as German Measles is very slight. Will let you know how she is getting on.
No more to-day. God bless you.

Love Dave.



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