Letter from David Boldy to his father



Letter from David Boldy to his father


Letter from David Boldy to his father about family news and general conversation about London life.




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Two page handwritten letter


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7 Wallace Court,
300, Marylebone Road,
London, N.W.1.
[underlined] September 18th 1937. [/underlined]
My own darling Daddy.
Thank you even so much for your letter and all your news. Your letter to Mrs Shircore [?] is a very nice one. Yes, Dad, only 18 months more and D.V. you will be with us again and we will have happy times again. I think you are doing well with your saving, almost as well as we are doing. I am getting on well at my studies now, as I am gradually getting into the style of the questions. There are six or seven of us in the morning and four the whole day, including Miss Powers, a bright young thing, on [deleted] m [/deleted] Mondays and Thursdays.
A few nights ago Sylvia, who is back from her holiday, dropped in. The holiday seems to have done her good in every way. Thank God. Mr. Cox is making an unusually rapid recovery. We had had lyonea [sic]. Last night Uncle Martin dropped in for about an hour and a half and we had a long chat. He is to stay in London for the winter so we hope to see a good deal of him. About two days ago Aunty Beryl and Joan came to tea at the flat, and we are going to tea with them on Sunday. Martin will also be there. He has got into Woolwich. We have had
[page break]
quite a busy week. To-day Steve has gone on a jaunt with Bill, a sort of all day picnic and at one I am lunching with my pay Downie [?] and then going on to a football match with him. He sails for South Africa on Friday, but there is a chance of his coming back, so I hope to see him.
I forgot to mention, poor Henry Cox, failed his Seniors for the second time. It was a great pity he was ever sent here, especially as the school is a tin pot little place. You will be glad to hear that lately Mummy has been going for a walk with us, almost every evening. The second set of curtains are up, though still two more side ones are to be put up, and the [deleted word] flat is looking quite sweet. I have bought a very nice geometrical set for 6/6 and as you are in such as instructive mood these days! When I have finished with, I will send it to you, to instruct Mrs. Joseph.
I am glad to hear the dogs are O.K. and hope [deleted word] business will be very good. No more to-day. God bless and keep you and bring you back safely to us, with lots of love and Kisses.
from your loving son
[underlined] David. [/underlined]



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