Blamires, Robert Geoffrey. Album


Blamires, Robert Geoffrey. Album


25 items. Album containing photographs of his service including training in South Africa, time in Italy, and operations with 103 Squadron.




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Blamires, RG

Collection Items

Pompei Italy, 1945-6, train journey to Port Elizabeth 1942
Two photographs one of Pompei and Vesuvius and one of their guide.
Four photographs recording their train journey from East London to Port Elizabeth.

Pompei Ruins, Italy, 1945-6, Port Elizabeth 1942-3.
Four photographs of Pompei Ruins.
Three photographs, one of Stormberg Junction blockhouse, one of Baakens street, Port Elizabeth, and one of Ken Loach, upper torso, trees in the background, Port Elizabeth.

Identification kindly provided by Moos…

Italy, Pompei 1945-6, course photograph, Port Elizabeth 1942-3
Four photographs of the Pompei Ruins.
Course photograph, posed in four rows, buildings in background, captioned ' Course 6AN, 42 Air School, Port Elizabeth, 22/11/42 - 6/3/43.'

Italy, Naples 1945-6, Port Elizabeth 1942-3
Four photographs of Pompei Ruins.
Four photographs of Port Elizabeth December 1942-March 1943.

Naples, Italy 1945, Port Elizabeth 1942-3
Four photographs of Shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei, August 1945.
Four photographs of Port Elizabeth area November 1942 - March 1943.

Naples Italy 1945, Port Elizabeth 1942
Four photographs of Naples area August 1945.
Open menu airmen's mess, 42 ANS Port Elizabeth. Captioned 'The only good meal we had in the mess'.

Naples Italy 1945 and  Port Elizabeth 1942-3
Four photographs of Naples area, August 1945.
Three photographs of a night time electrical storm, Port Elizabeth November 1942 March 1943.

Naples 1945, Port Elizabeth 1942-3
Four photographs of Naples, taken from a balcony of what now is Villa Giullia (Via Armando Diaz 158) looking down the street in the direction of Mount Vesuvius.

Four photographs of Port Elizabeth, two of his billet.

Identification kindly…

Naples August 1945, No 42 ANS Port Elizabeth
LH page, captioned 'Italy - England passenger service August 1945', four photographs of Naples and Castellammare di Stabia.
RH page four photographs of No 42 ANS.

No 103 Squadron Honours board, 42 ANS Port Elizabeth
LH page, No 103 Squadron Honours and Awards Board .
RH page, four photographs from No 42 ANS, Nov 1942 - March 1943.

Some Elsham Wold staff. No 6 course  leaving celebrations
LH page some of the Station navigation staff, rear row L to R S/Ldr Gibson (Station Intelligence Officer), S/Ldr Gallagher DFM (Station Navigation Officer), S/Ldr Jackson (Station Flying Control Officer). Lancaster R - Rodger in the background.

No 103 Squadron leaders and Geoff is awarded his navigators badge
LH page, group of officers posed in two rows in front of a Lancaster. Caption 'The Leaders and Flight Commanders of 103 Squadron, Elsham Wolds at the end of the War. Rear row L to R F/L Hayes (Assistant Adjutant), F/L St? (Bombing Leader), F/Lt…

Sangatte and course photograph
LH page, target photograph of the coastline southwest of Sangatte, with the current D940 road. Captioned '953 EWS 20.9.44// 8" 3000 120 (degrees) 1640 Sangatte ? U 13 X 1000 4 X 500 16secs F/L Josey U 103'. Handwritten caption 'Daylight on coastal…

Target photograph and receipt
LH page target photograph caption ' 4231. EWS. 29/30.8.44//nr?8" 12000 230(degrees) 0200 Stettin U 1 X 4000 7 X 4 6 X 30 28secs F/L Josey U 103'. Handwritten caption 'Taken right at the start of a night attack on Baltic port of STETTIN.
TIs can…

LH page, target photograph rural area with road running left to right and several buildings in top left. Many bomb explosions visible, captioned '429.EWS.30.7.44.//8" 2500 200(degrees) 0832.CAHAGNES MTT/TGT. U. 20 X 500.C.23 secs. F/Lt Josey. U.103'.…

Ocean Daily News 1943
Issue No 9, Thursday April 22, 1943, reports 8th Army offensive in Tunisia.

Vire and Cape Town
LH page target photograph, rural area, some explosions visible, captioned '4B. 3637? EWS 6/7.6.44 ? 5000 ? 130 degrees. ? Vire(Eastern? 18x500. Disco. F/O Josey. 103' Handwritten caption '"Bombs Gone" photograph - taken on D night by means of a…

Lancaster 'Mike Squared' and Cape Town
LH page has a Lancaster airborne over the end of a runway captioned 'The Lancaster Mike Squared gets airborne again'.
RH page more tourist photographs of Cape Town page captioned 'Cape Town March 43'

'Old Mike Squared' and Cape Town
The photograph shows Group Captain Sheen painting the DSO after the aircraft completed 125 operations. Captioned 'Old Mike Squared - believed to have done more ops than any other aircraft in Bomber Command with 139 operational flights to its credit. …

Three pilots and two gunners
LH page, three aircrew wearing life jackets, standing underneath an aircraft, captioned, 'More celebrities of 103 Squadron. The Australian HENRY brothers mark 1, mark II & mark III. all three are pilots, Mark I and II finished their tours and were…

Aircrew and Geoff with a crew that he flew with
On the LH page, two aircrew sitting in the entrance hatch of a Lancaster, in flying equipment. Captioned 'Two representatives of the Nav Union 103 Squadron. F/O Kev CURTIN on the left and F/Sgt later F/O Pat CURTIN.
Australian twin brothers and…

Eight photographs, all full length, LH page, first is of Geoff standing in a garden, caption unreadable except for 'Self at ... and Sept 44'. Second and third are of four aircrew standing in front of a low wall with a tree, building and motor…

Aircrew and aircraft
Nine photographs, LH page first one is of Lancaster nose, someone leaning out of cockpit window, squadron letter U visible. Second is of starboard engines of a Lancaster in flight, captioned 'Taken from Uncle in flight - over ten tenths cloud'. Third…

11 aircrew
LH page, all full length, all posed in front of similar building.
First captioned 'Ted'.
Second, captioned Flight Engineer.
Third captioned 'Frank',
Fifth captioned 'Ted again'.
Right had page, first photograph, wearing flying suit and…

Course photograph
Formal photograph, posed in five rows in front of a building with brick arches. Captioned 'Officers Course, June - July 1943'.
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