Three pilots and two gunners



Three pilots and two gunners


LH page, three aircrew wearing life jackets, standing underneath an aircraft, captioned, 'More celebrities of 103 Squadron. The Australian HENRY brothers mark 1, mark II & mark III. all three are pilots, Mark I and II finished their tours and were awarded the DFC. Mark III was in the middle of his tour by VE day.
RH page, is captioned 'Back in England', 'The Gunners'. Two photographs first of an aircrewman in heavy duty flying suit, sitting on a bench. Captioned 'Frank - mid upper' - baby of the crew- went over France for the first time when only 18 - the one with the cheeking face. Missing Revigny July 44'. The second is upper torso of an air gunner, caption 'Ted King ? rear gunner - later midupper'.




Three b/w photographs


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