Hunt, William Richard. Album


Hunt, William Richard. Album


A collection of 18 photographs showing various scenes of Gibraltar, and Oran (Algeria). Also included are various images of aircraft, and RAF stations prior to the war.

The collection concerns Sergeant William Richard Hunt (520376 Royal Air Force) and contains documents and photographs. He flew operations as an observer with 35 Squadron and was killed 19 May 1942. The collection includes an album with scenes of Gibraltar and Oran (Algeria), pre-war aircraft and RAF stations.

The collection was loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by William John Hastings and catalogued by Benjamin Turner. Additional information on William Richard Hunt is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Hunt, WR

Collection Items

Aircraft and T E Lawrence's grave
Top left shows the prototype Lysander K6127 standing on the grass with buildings in the background.
Top Right shows T E Lawrence's grave.
Middle left shows airmen attaching bombs to an aircraft
Middle right shows a line of Hawker biplanes standing…

Aircraft hangars at RAF South Cerney
Top left shows a hangar under construction. Other buildings and houses can be seen in the background.
Top right shows rows of bi-planes standing on the grass.
Bottom left shows aircraft under maintenance in an aircraft hangar.
Bottom right…

Aircraft and accommodation huts
Top left shows a hangar under construction.
Top right shows a bi-plane standing on its nose with a broken propeller, with airmen standing around it. Another bi-plane can be seen in the background.
Bottom left shows bi-planes undergoing maintenance…

HMS Cyclops
The HMS Cyclops (F31) leaving Malta.

Additional information kindly provided by Frank Schilder.

Hawker Hurricane
Two images of a Hawker Hurricane taken at different angles. The bottom right photograph shows the Hurricane outside a hangar.

The photograph on the left shows a group of six men wearing military uniforms.
The photograph on the right shows men in an accommodation block sitting on beds either side of a stove.

Personnel standing at Arzew flying boat station
Naval personnel standing by the quayside with dockyard machinery in the background. The nose of X and the M Short Singapore flying boats can be seen.

The caption accompanying the photographs reads "5;11;37. 11.00 . HOURS. "


Oran scenes
Top left shows a building with the caption "ORAN- L'Ecole Ardaillon" also showing the Demaeght Museum.

Top right shows Boulevard Galliéni, with the Chambre de Commerce. Two people are crossing the road with cars parked on both sides of the street…

Arzew flying boat station
Top left shows a marquee tent with an aircraft behind it.
Centre shows a crane vessel suspending a Short Singapore X on the water. Men can be seen standing on the crane vessel and two men are standing on the aircraft's wings.
Top right shows…

Gibraltar scenes
Six photographs all annotated with Gibraltar showing various scenes.
Top left shows a women on a donkey which is carrying baskets. Standing next to the donkey is a boy. They are standing on Winston Churchill way looking south. Moorish Castle on…

Gibraltar scenes
Six photographs showing buildings, coasts and landscapes of Gibraltar, with annotations.
Top left shows the water catchments from the sea.
Top right shows Moorish Castle.
Middle left shows buildings on the hillside in Gibraltar.
Middle right…

Ship and airmen
The top photograph shows Canadian Pacific ocean liner S.S. MONTCLARE, Captioned with 16,314 gross tonnage.
The bottom photograph shows a group of RAF personnel in uniform standing in front of a building.
The photographs are accompanied by a…

Top left shows a Saro Cloud flying boat with ground personnel surrounding it. An RAF petrol bowser can be seen being towed by a tractor. The top right shows personnel standing next to a Percival Vega Gull. Bottom left shows aircraft on the grass in…

Top left is a Boulton Paul Overstrand.
Top right a Vickers Vincent with personnel standing around it.
Bottom left shows an Anson.
Bottom right shows an interior of an aircraft.

Harrow and crashed Anson
Top left and bottom right images show photographs of a crashed K6199, B-220 Anson at RAF Bircham Newton.

The top right and bottom left show airmen standing around a Harrow K6949.

Identification kindly provided by Frank Schilder.

Bircham Newton buildngs
The top two photographs show hangars and accommodation blocks, while the bottom photograph shows another building at Bricham Newton.

Men at Uxbridge
The top centre photograph shows two men in swimming trunks both holding cigarettes.
Centre left shows men on parade outside accommodation blocks.
Middle centre shows five men in military uniform standing outside a building.
Centre right shows a…

Men at Manston
Top left and bottom right photographs both show men outside a building and the centre photo shows various buildings at Manston.
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