The great raids - Peenemunde 17 August 1943



The great raids - Peenemunde 17 August 1943


Annotated copy of The great raids - Peenemunde 17 August 1943 by Air Commodore J Searby.
Book includes:
Handwritten note on front 'In memory of Fred Dunn, killed Nov 22/23 1943'.
Telegram to Mr A C Dunn regretting to inform him that his son Sgt Dunn F T lost his life as a result of air operations on 22/23 Nov 1943.
B/W photograph of an airman wearing tunic and side cap. Handwritten note that he had many flying hours to his name in Halifax.
Title page with handwritten note by Alfred Dunn that his brother had been on this raid (page 40). Goes on to describe that Fred was killed in mid-air collision with another Halifax at Pocklington.
Next page - handwritten note about Fred Dunn's last operation on 1000 bomber raid to Berlin and his death in a mid-air collision on return. mentioned that although he was a bomb aimer for 13 operations, he had his wings and was probably considered a pilot.
Page with list of crews participating including from 4 Group, 102 Squadron with Dunn's crew highlighted.
Page with other crews and b/w photograph of five aircrew, four wearing tunics, one holding dog and a fifth aircrew squatting down with tunic off.
Page - extract from operational night raid report 388 27/28.7.43 and night raid report 387 28/29.7.43
Page - Appendix 1 Peenemunde entry in flight log.





Printed book with b/w photographs and handwritten notes

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J Searby and A C Dunn, “The great raids - Peenemunde 17 August 1943,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 20, 2024,

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