Dunn, Frederick Thomas


Dunn, Frederick Thomas
Dunn, FT


45 items. The collection concerns Sergeant Frederick Thomas Dunn (1319229 Royal Air Force) and contains his logbook, memoir, correspondence, clippings and photographs. He flew operations as a bomb aimer with 102 Squadron and was killed in a mid-air collision on return from Berlin 22 November 1943.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Josephine Guinness and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.

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Dunn, FT

Collection Items

Fred Dunn as a young boy
Fill length image of a Fred Dunn as a young boy wearing shirt, tie and shorts standing by a path.

Cirencester Grammar School annual athletic sports
Page of newspaper with montage of photographs of boys, girls and adults. Captioned 'Cirencester Grammar School annual athletic sports'.

Cirencester old grammarians in memorandum
Remembers Flight Sergeant Frederick Thomas Dunn who was killed in action November 1943 following an operation over Germany.

Cirencester old grammarians
School old boys' annual magazine. Contains articles about the school, photograph of school's cadet company, and role of service for old grammarians. Covers all services but included F Dunn - killed in operation to Berlin 22 November 1943.

Fred Dunn's observer's and air gunner's flying log book
F T Dunn’s Air Bomber’s Flying Log Book covering the period from 24 September 1942 to 22 November 1943. Detailing his flying training and operations flown as air bomber. He was stationed at RAF Mount Hampden as pupil pilot 3-21 Aug 1942, South…

The great raids - Peenemunde 17 August 1943
Annotated copy of The great raids - Peenemunde 17 August 1943 by Air Commodore J Searby.
Book includes:
Handwritten note on front 'In memory of Fred Dunn, killed Nov 22/23 1943'.
Telegram to Mr A C Dunn regretting to inform him that his son Sgt…

Letter from Fred Dunn to his sister and brother
Describes a typical day in camp including: recovering from a party, dance in the sergeants' mess. Comments on his stage of training and writes of lectures in cold hut. Mentions girlfriend. Attempting to get 48-hour pass without luck. Includes printed…

Transcript of My life in the RAF
Transcript of F Dunn's memoir describing life before and after joining the RAF. Includes induction and starting off in the RAF in England and then sea voyage to South Africa and then initial training in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

My life in the RAF - chapter 5
Describes time at Hillside ITW camp, Bulawayo. Having to wait before starting aircrew training. Includes letter to sister and brother describing a typical day in camp. Describes local area and inhabitants as well as training activities, drill,…

My Life in the RAF - chapter 4
Starts after arrival at Durban in South Africa. Describes time in Clairwood "rest camp", visiting Durban and Christmas and New Year celebrations. Long description of activities in Durban. Discusses South Africa and describes train journey to South…

My life in the RAF - chapter 1,2 and 3
Autographical account of life at the beginning of the war including service in ARP in Swindon. Reasons for volunteering for the RAF. Registered for military service in February 1941. Waiting for call-up. Induction at St John's Wood London and…

Seasons greetings card with photographs
Card with inset a three-quarter length image of Fred Dunn wearing tunic and side cap sitting on a bench. Also inset an image of a woman wearing dress and apron sitting on chair in a garden with dog lying down in front of her and house in the…

Procession of cars in Windsor Castle
A line of cars in Windsor Castle. Two policemen on either side of cars and a crowd of spectators behind.

Fred Dunn
Full length image of an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and half brevet standing in a garden with trellis behind. On the reverse 'Fred visiting friends at Manchester, he stayed with them before embarking for South Africa'.

Wedding photograph
Bride and four bridesmaids, groom is serviceman wearing battledress. Two other men wearing civilian suits standing to rear.

Seven aircrew
Seven airmen wearing tunics with brevet standing in line. On the reverse 'The crew, left to right, Rowley (mid upper), Roy (W/Op), Bill (navigator), Wally (skipper), only me (B/A), Jack (engineer), Dave (rear gunner - Canada), taken at Riccal Yorks…

Pilot Officer Walter Hughes
Head and shoulders portrait of a pilot wearing tunic with brevet. On the reverse 'November 23rd, 1942 [....] Freddie's skipper'.

Fred Dunn
Three-quarter length portrait of Fred Dunn wearing tunic with sergeant rank and bomb aimer brevet, and side cap sitting on a bench.

Group of airmen with hostesses
Six airmen wearing tunics and side caps, five standing with three women wearing dresses. Luggage on the ground on left. The sixth airman is sitting on the ground with a child on his lap. In the background trees and another figure. On the reverse of…

Victoria Falls
View of falls in the distance. On the reverse 'Victoria Falls (or part of it) July 1942'.

Airman and women walking on promenade
An airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and half brevet, and side cap walking along a promenade with a woman and his right. In the background, other people and deck chairs.

Man walking in street
Full length image of a man wearing civilian suit and tie walking, with hand in pocket, in a street towards camera. Other figures in the background and buildings in the far distance.

Grave of Pilot Officer W Hughes
A grave with headstone and flowers in a cemetery. White cross with 'Pilot Officer W Hughes Royal Air Force (VR) 22.11.43'.

Group of local people on road
A group of people standing at the side of a dirt road. One has a bicycle. Building on the left. Two other people standing on right and another two in the distance in field. On the reverse 'Some of the local N**s' at the station.

Group of children
Group of children standing on a tree lined path. Another figure in the background on the left. Note on the reverse. '
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