Four verse poem about Lancaster JB596 crashing on Hatcliffe top when returning from operation to Berlin. Airfield was fogbound and crew were on 23rd operation.

Additional information on the crash is available via the IBCC Losses Database.

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[inserted] Waltham [/inserted]

Through the years you are remembered
Here, where harvests of golden corn are gathered
No swords of war now but ploughshares instead
The Pine trees that your Lancaster scythed through still stand sentinel
Over these peaceful fields where your lifeblood was shed


You are remembered here-where now harvest of golden grain are gathered
Where war swords [inserted] No war swords but [/inserted] have been beaten into peaceful ploughshares instead
[deleted] And the Pine trees still stand silent sentinels [/deleted]
Over these fields where your young lifeblood was shed

In their Lancaster they had bravely battled with Berlin’s fighters and flak
Skipper Proudfoot and his young crew on their 23rd Op
Homing to Waltham, through cloud dense and low
Crashed by the Pines and suffered and died
On [inserted] HIGHER [/inserted] Hatcliffe Top
The years have flown by but you are remembered
Here where rich bounties are spread
And the trees of Pine [inserted] still [/inserted] stand [inserted] silent [/inserted] sentinels [inserted] ? [/inserted]
Over peaceful fields where [inserted] your [/inserted] young lifeblood was shed

Shed in the hope that there would be
Lasting peace for [inserted] suffering [/inserted] humanity
Pause by this stone and before you go
The debt to brave Bomber Command Aircrews
That we will forever owe
Now, no reaper of death to take youth in its prime
You are remembered here, where nature’s rich bounties are spread [inserted] ? [/inserted]
And where the trees of pine [deleted] still [/deleted] stand silent sentinels [inserted] [deleted] still [/deleted] [/inserted]
Over the peaceful fields where your young lifeblood was shed


“Waltham,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 22, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/39795.

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