Conversion of 199 Squadron



Conversion of 199 Squadron


Five verse poem about converting a squadron from Wellington to Stirling.

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Is it true what they tell me?
Is it true what they have done?
Taken 199 Squadron
The pride and joy of Group One

Taken and had you converted
(Not the usual way I mean)
Though you’re not as black as your painted
You are too far gone to redeem!

So they’ve had you converted to Stirlings
You are now Stirling by plane and by name
And you’re leaving your Wimpey’s behind you
And ‘whimpering’ so at the shame

It was a shame to convert you from Wimpey’s
After all you have done for Group One
After all the ‘honour’ you’ve brought them
(After all four engines are better than none!)

So here’s to you Stirling your 199’s name
Here’s to the deeds you will do and have done
Here’s to you keeping your glorious name
As the booziest Squadron Group One!


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