Partial letter to Kathleen from Mrs Phyllis Colley



Partial letter to Kathleen from Mrs Phyllis Colley


From a relation of Bernard [Heaton] who had been killed. Asks for names and address of crew and talks of burial and expresses her feelings on loss. Thanks her for comforting letter.


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Two-sided handwritten letter


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We cannot see at times what things happen for, but perhaps some day we’ll understand.

Perhaps you could [missing words] know that names & address of the crew were with Bernard. You see he did not tell me very much about his RAF life as he knew I was in fear for him I am saying I, well, I mean all his Aunts & Uncles. We have felt it bitterly & I am sure you have done too Kathleen. We buried him on Dec 24 so you can guess what a Xmas we have had. Of course others will have been the same as we have been. It is time this terrible war was over before any more lives are lost.

I must thank you for very nice letter you sent, I’m afraid I am rather on the mix up yet, but I know you understand our feelings and will excuse me for blunder.

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[missing words] shall be very pleased [missing words] hear from you [missing words] Kathleen whenever you have time [missing words] that is if you want. I know [missing words] was proud of his services [missing words] we at home did not want [missing words] go we shall have to try & think it is for the best but it will take a lot of doing. We are having a service at our Chapel tomorrow for him poor Bernard. He was only 10 years younger that [sic] I so you will see we were more like sister and [inserted] brother [/inserted] I am better from the flu now & I hope you are keeping in the Best of Health & free from Trouble & Strife

Thanking you again for your Comforting letter & if at any time you are Station [sic] near us you would be welcome at our house we should be pleased to see you

Yours Sincerely.

(Mrs) Phyllis Colley.

PS I am having some photos taken of Bernard if you would like one I will send you one when I get them



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