Luftpost, 11, 29 July 1941



Luftpost, 11, 29 July 1941


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Despite earlier army reports being reliable, it is claimed that there is now German disinformation concerning the Russian campaign and the high number of casualties and prisoners.

After spotting a battle cruiser on 22nd July, an RAF operation was carried out on 24th July with damage to the Gneisenau and Scharnhorst battle cruisers and Prinz Eugen cruiser. 34 Messerschmitts were shot down. It claims German ships are now effectively confined to ports.

In a London radio broadcast, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s adviser, Harry Hopkins, outlines American assistance to Britain, including joint patrols by warships, significant numbers of aircraft, food, and military equipment already en route.

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Ten Serbs are hanged in Pancevo, on the orders of Bandelow after posters appeared stating that ten Serbs would be hanged for every German soldier killed or wounded. There are photographs of the hangings and of the notice.

Several occupied cities were fined for using the V-sign (for victory) as an act of defiance. To counter this, the propaganda ministry has stolen the sign for its own use.

Claims public is being deceived about share dividends being reduced (regulation to limit the distribution of profits on 21st June 1941).

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The RAF flight range will increase as nights draw in, with heavier bombs at their disposal. Advice is dispensed to German urban populations on preparations to take for the autumn and winter.

Lord Woolton, Minister of Food, on 15 July denigrates German media propaganda on the state of British nutrition; he claims German prisoners are amazed at how abundant it is and points to American supplies in the coming year with a higher nutritional value than the last fifteen years.

America and Britain and its allies have frozen all Japanese assets as a result of it taking French-Indochina.

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By taking over protection of Iceland, the United States has reduced the danger zone for British ships crossing the Atlantic, fulfilling the United States’ Secretary of State, Cordell Hull’s promise that weapons and foodstuff would safely reach their destination.
With the news that Dr Robert Ley had visited some bombed cities in West Germany, the correspondent makes some comparisons between the good things England is doing for its people compared to Germany’s leaders.

In addition to all the steelworks, armaments works and mines acquired in a number of territories, Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring has acquired Omnipol A.G. as an import export company to buy and sell as it wants.






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