Wheelhouse, Edith


Wheelhouse, Edith
E Wheelhouse


Seven items. The collection concerns Corporal Edith Wheelhouse and contains newspaper clippings and photographs. She served in the WAAF at RAF Scampton and RAF Coningsby.

The collection has been loaned to the IBCC Digital Archive for digitisation by Jean Valerie Cann and catalogued by Barry Hunter.




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Wheelhouse, E

Collection Items

Airmen and a WAAF with a bus
Nine men and women arranged at the front of a bus. Information supplied with the collection has a date 15/9/42 and Scampton.

Motor Transport section
23 men and women in front of and on two vehicles. On the reverse is a post it with EW=3R 2 row

VE Day Poster
Two Lancasters, OF-J and OL-J, flying side by side. The poster has VE day and 8th May 1945. At the top is a crest with LIV Bomber Base.

Edith Wheelhouse
A full length portrait of Edith in uniform.

MT Section RAF Coningsby - Bomber Command MT Cup Winners 1946-47
A group photo of 40 men and women arranged in three rows flanked by MT vehicles.
Underneath each individual is named.

Edith Wheelhouse's Airfield Driving Licence
A licence allowing Edith to drive on RAF Coningsby.

Luftpost, 11, 29 July 1941
Page 1
Despite earlier army reports being reliable, it is claimed that there is now German disinformation concerning the Russian campaign and the high number of casualties and prisoners.

After spotting a battle cruiser on 22nd July, an RAF…
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