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Paul R Trevayne

He lived in Neasden, north-west London and signed up while still 17 and was the eldest of four brothers.

He flew in various planes, Wellingtons, Lancasters and the Short Stirling. Some missions were just to drop leaflets. He flew missions out of Milden Hall and Newmarket.

He was awarded a caterpillar badge as he had bailed out of a plane while over Ascot, Berkshire.

He was part of bombing raids over the Ruhr and this plane was on its way to bomb Hamburg. I have a report in German, which shows that they knew where the plane was as soon as it was over the North Sea. It took off in bad weather and the mission might have been cancelled. It crashed into a field near the town of Enter. Half of the crew survived and were taken prisoner.

Every year his youngest brother, Peter, and family visit the grave in Wierden, Netherlands. The grave was adopted by a Dutch family, the Wanschers, and our families became life-long friends. Next year there will be celebrations in the area to mark the 75th anniversary of their liberation by the Canadian Armed Forces and a new memorial is being constructed to honour those who lost their lives.



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