Trevayne, PR


Trevayne, PR
Trevayne, Paul Rodney


Nine items. The collection concerns Sergeant Paul Rodney Trevayne (1291380 Royal Air Force) and contains photographs and documents. He flew operations as an air gunner with 75 Squadron and was killed 4 February 1943.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Karen Suzan trevayne and catalogued by Barry Hunter.

Additional information on Paul Rodney Trevayne is available via the IBCC Losses Database.




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Trevayne, PR

Collection Items

Drawing of BK604 Crew
A coloured sketch of the crew of Stirling BK604 completed by a prisoner at Dulag Luft.

Graves of BK604 Crew, Wierden
The graves of the four airmen who died when their Stirling was shot down, Enter, Netherlands.

Crew of Short Stirling BK604
Eight photographs of the crew of Stirling BK604. Four were killed and four were taken prisoner.

Paul Trevayne
A head and shoulders portrait of Paul in uniform with his air gunner brevet.

Wolfgang Thimmig
Two photographs of Wolfgang Thimmig.
#1 A half length portrait of Wolfgang, captioned 'Wolfgang Thimmig 1936'. He was the pilot that shot down Paul's Stirling in 1943.
#2 is a full length image of Wolfgang.

Souvenir Cup Explanation
An explanation of the silver cup. It was awarded to the pilot who had shot down a Stirling.

Commemorative Cup
A silver cup with 'Hptm Thimmig 3.2.43 Short-Stirling'. It was awarded to the pilot that shot down the Stirling.

Last Flight of Stirling BK604
A detailed account of the last flight of a Stirling operation on Hamburg.

Paul R Trevayne
A brief biography of Paul.
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