Letter to L V Rosser from Ed Perkins



Letter to L V Rosser from Ed Perkins


Letter from Ed Perkins at RAF Acklington. Writes that they had been fog bound and unable to fly. Announced one of his squadron had shot down a JU-88 and comments on resulting celebration. Mentions bad news concerning mutual friend. Comments on Rosser going on Halifax but says he is happier with Spitfires. Writes a little about his activities on a fighter squadron.




Temporal Coverage



Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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Sgt Pilot Rosser. L.V.
Sgts Mess,
R.A.F. Station,

[inserted] Ted Perkins [/inserted]

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72 (Fighter) Sqdn.
RAF. Acklington


Dear Vic,

Well, I've decided to answer your letter straight away, while I've got plenty of time on my hands. For the last few days this place has been fog-bound & naturally we can't take off. By the way one of our Flight [indecipherable word] shot an 88 down last Thursday night. Of course much excitement & drinking ensued. The station commander stood us 2 bottles

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of champagne, he's a decent sort. You know, Vic, the news about lofty has shaken me rotten, by Christ, I'll have one for him, if its the last thing I do. There's one thing I'll never forget lofty as long as I live, a jolly good pal, one of the best. If you ever write to his wife, send my deepest sympathy will you. I'm damned sorry for her & his people.

So you're on Halifax's, well I must say I don't envy you at all. You can have all the heavy stuff

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you like, I'll take Spits any time. It must be a hell of a thrill flying such a bloody great thing along. By the way, I know you will be shot (almost) if anything gets out, so I'm burning that piece of paper you never know who is knocking about, thanks for telling me anyway. Are you on 'ops' yet? its good to think that someone has a real chance of hitting back almost every night.

Since I last wrote dawn has got slightly earlier and, of course dusk is a little later, so much so if [sic] fact now, we rise at 5.45 am. & finish at 8.15.

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Of course we have plenty of time to sleep at dispersal but bed is much better. We get 1 afternoon off in 5, in fact its a bloody awful existence at present, but sooner or later the tide will turn again. What chance of leave pretty soon, write and let me know will you. Meanwhile I'll try and get the haggis and come down and see you. Thats a promise, if I can get the haggis.

Well, I hope you are still getting on OK & all the very best of luck.



P.S. Remember me to your folks & Dot. We are all very fit. Alan [indecipherable word] asked to be remembered to you.


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