Letter to L V Rosser from 'Lofty' Phillips



Letter to L V Rosser from 'Lofty' Phillips


Wishes that he could fly with him again and encourages him to transfer to coastal command and a course at Blackpool which he recommends. States that he was not doing much flying and writes about getting accommodation. Comments that it was difficult to pass on any news as it might fall into the wrong hands. Passes regards to and from friends.




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Four page handwritten letter and envelope


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745193, Sgt. L.V. Rosser,
c/o The Sergeants Mess,
R.A.F. Station.

[inserted] John Phillips [/inserted]

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742921. Sgt. J. Phillips.

206. Squadron. ROYAL AIR FORCE,

[underlined] January 29th. 1941. [/underlined]

My dear old pal Vic,

Very many thanks for your letter, it was good hearing from you again – and I only wish I were going to fly with you again. Still there is always a chance that you may be transferred to Coastal Command, and if you get a chance of taking the G. R. Course at Blackpool, grab it quick. It is a glorious three months sea-side holliday [sic] – and you would have had the time of your life had you been on our course.

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I don't know whether you are packing in bags of flying hours – but we are just helping to wear out the chairs in the Mess. Of course, not having taken the conversion course, we are a bit akward [sic] to fit in – but never mind, we'll get weaving yet.

Eric, Audrey, Betsy & I have at last managed to get a couple of flats – after a great deal of difficulty and are hoping to start living out this week-end. This is a very lonely part of the country but Hunstanton is a pretty good spot – and I think we shall be O.K. there.

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I am afraid that nowadays it is impossible to pass on any sort of interesting news – but there is always the chance of it falling into places where it shouldn't – so I am afraid we shall have to skip it. Still the only interesting [thing] that happens to Eric and I is pay-day!!

Give my kind regards to "Tubby" and to “Dolfrey” when you write, and keep yourself out of trouble!

I apologise for the tiny piece of cake – but when I suggested sending you a large hunk – I was told that it wasn't done, so there you are!

[page break]

Betsy sends her very kind regards and says she still prefers "Betsy" to “[indecipherable word] Phillips" from you! Eric & An . . . (Mrs White!) send theirs also. Ain't you a lucky bloke!

Cheerio for now me old china,

Your pal.



J Phillips, “Letter to L V Rosser from 'Lofty' Phillips,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/36680.

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