Crew photograph and list of operations



Crew photograph and list of operations


First page - photograph of seven airmen wearing battledress with brevet standing in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Lancaster - 138 Squadron, Alf Warren (3rd from the left) mid upper gunner'. Then follows a list of thirty-one operations between 2 December 1943 and 7 July 1944. In all cases F/L W Breckenbridge was the captain and in most (not in 10) P/O Baker was the mid upper gunner. Mentions operation to Berlin on 30 January 1944 when three crew, including Baker, were wounded and the wireless operator Sgt J Hall was killed.



One b/w photograph and six page (3 duplicate) printed document


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“Crew photograph and list of operations,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 1, 2023,

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