Course photograph and Lancaster painting



Course photograph and Lancaster painting


Top - course photograph of thirty officers wearing tunics or battledress sitting and standing in four rows. Captioned 'No 25 Elementary Course. Syndicate "V", 28/3/45 to 23/5/45', lists name of those on photograph, F/O Baker front row second from left.'.
Bottom - colour painting of three Lancasters with upkeep bombs at low level in "V" formation over water.

Temporal Coverage


One b/w photograph and one colour painting mounted on an album page


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R.A.F. School of Administration [crest] and Accountancy, Hereford

Vivian of Hereford

No. 25 Elementary Course. Syndicate "V." 28/3/45 to 23/5/45.

P/O. Shaw P/O. Smith P/O. Swetland P/O. Thomson P/O. Wade D.F.C. F/O. Weston, D.F.C.
F/O. Lane’ D.F.C. F/O. Miles, D.F.M. P/O. Minard F/Lt. Oele, D.F.C. F/O. Parkin. D.F.M. F/O. Phillips, D.F.M. F/O. Priest F/O. Russell
P/O. Brotherton F/L. Chattington, D.F.C. P/O Croysdill, D.F.M. F/O. Derham, D.F.M. F/O. Dixon, D.F.C. F/O. Emra F/O. Farnborough
F/O. Fox P/O. Golding, D.F.M.
F/L. Adair F/O. Baker, D.F.C. F/L Gibson W/Cdr. Shepard S/Ldr. Batwell F/O. Bannister F/O. Bragan

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