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Left page: top, invitation to cocktails; bottom, lifeboat alongside HMS Universal submarine with P57 on its turret. Right page, top, report of the US steamer Luray Victory, annotated 'Bob was pilot when these photographs were taken; below, report of…

A newspaper cutting with reports on USAAF and RAF operations. On the reverse is general news.

Nine ground crew and six aircrew under the nose of Lancaster 'N'. The ground crew are working on bombs on bomb trolleys. The aircrew are dressed in flying kit. On the reverse stamped 'Daily Sketch Copyright', 'Graphic Photo Union' and handwritten…

In the foreground a large number of bombs on the ground with tails removed and placed alongside. Five armourers dressed in overalls and side caps surround the bombs; two crouching working on bombs and three carrying tails towards the bombs. Above…
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