Newspaper cutting - Leicester DFC 10-Ton mission



Newspaper cutting - Leicester DFC 10-Ton mission


Notes that Harold Wakefield was engaged on special duties dropping the new 1--ton bomb. Notes he had done 58 operational flights and volunteered for his third tour. Stated he was previously awarded DFC and gives some personal details. Includes b/w portrait.



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FLT. - OFFICER HARRY WAKEFIELD, DFC (21), now on leave in Leicester at his home in Evington-drive, is one of the RAF men engaged on special duties dropping the new 10-ton bombs.

He is the flight-engineer of the crew, all with decorations for gallantry, who dropped the [underlined] first [/underlined] of these bombs on Germany in March, when the pilot reported that his plane was lifted 500 feet in the air due to the explosion.

F/O Wakefield
[inserted] ME [symbol][/inserted]

F/O Wakefield who has done 58 operational flights, four of them to Berlin, recently volunteered for his third tour.

His plane has been seriously damaged on three occasions, and on his last flight before coming home, he was hit on the head by flak shrapnel, but was not badly injured.

F/O Wakefield was awarded the DFC last year for continued courage and devotion to duty, and he is entitled to wear the 1939-43 ribbon.

An old Wyggestonian, F/O Wakefield was formerly employed by Usher and Poulter, Ltd., Leicester. His father, Mr. W.E. Wakefield, is a director of Foister, Clay and Ward, Ltd., hosiery manufacturers. His sister, Petty Officer Betty, has served with the WRNS for four years.


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