Wakefield, Harold Ernest


Wakefield, Harold Ernest
H E Wakefield


93 items. The collection concerns Harold Ernest Wakefield DFC (1923 - 1986, 1582185 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book, documents, training publications, decorations and badges, training notebooks, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, photographs and parachute D ring.

He flew operations as a flight engineer with 51 and 617 Squadrons.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Jeremy Wakefield and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Wakefield, HE

Collection Items

Harold Ernest Wakefield
Head and shoulders portrait of Sergeant Harold Ernest Wakefield wearing tunic with flight engineer's brevet.

Large group of airmen in front of a Lancaster
A large group of airmen wearing variety of uniform sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Lancaster.

RAF officer
Full length image of an RAF officer standing wearing khaki uniform and peaked cap. In the background tropical trees and foliage.

Flight engineer's brevet
Metal half brevet with 'E'

617 Squadron badge
Badge with breached dam and lightning strike, moto 'apres moi le deluge'. On black background.

Parachute 'D' ring
'D' ring with wire attached

"Fortitude" wins D.F.C.
Account of Pilot Officer Harold Ernest Wakefield's award of DFC.

Newspaper cutting - Bennerley boy awarded DFC
Account of Pilot Officer Harold Ernest Wakefield having been awarded the DFC in recognition of numerous operations against the enemy. Gives some personal local and family details.

Newspaper cutting - RAF awards
List of awards for DFC. H E Wakefield RAFVR 51 Squadron is listed towards the bottom.

Newspaper cutting - Arnsberg here I come
Top left - photograph of a Tallboy bomb. Main photograph of a Lancaster dropping a Grand Slam bomb. Text explains photograph is of a 22,000 lb bomb leaving rack during attack on a viaduct at Arnsberg, Germany.

Newspaper cutting - Leicester DFC 10-Ton mission
Notes that Harold Wakefield was engaged on special duties dropping the new 1--ton bomb. Notes he had done 58 operational flights and volunteered for his third tour. Stated he was previously awarded DFC and gives some personal details. Includes b/w…

Newspaper cutting - fantastic flash
Report on the use of new 'Ten-Ton Tess' bomb. Notes effect of burst and release.

'Ten-Ton Tess' pilot gets bar to DSO
The pilot who dropped the first 'Ten-Ton Tess' bomb on Germany was awarded bar to DSO.

Newspaper cutting - Leicester and Loughborough officers awarded DFC
Mentions Pilot Officer Harry Charles Tabony and Pilot Officer Harold Ernest Wakefield.

Newspaper cutting, RAF lost half of all bomber crews
Quoting Sir Arthur Harris that nearly 50,000 British bomber crew personnel out of a total of 110,000 were killed during the war.

Pay slip
Pay slip for Flight Lieutenant Harold Wakefield from Glyn Mills & Co for final pay.

Postgram to Harold Wakefield
Congratulations on award of Distinguished flying Cross

With compliments of the under secretary of state for air - stating that his campaign medals would be issued within the next few days.

Letter to Harold Wakefield from RAF records office
States that he would not be possible for him to be a fully qualified wireless operator/air gunner for a long rime and invites him to consider an alternative as a flight engineer. Outlines flight engineer training.

Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve notice paper
Notice for offering to join the RAFVR dated 11-12-1941. Lays out general conditions of contract of enlistment.

Caterpillar club card
Membership card for Caterpillar club made out to Sergeant H E Wakefield

Electric-pneumatic system diagram
Line drawn diagram of electric-pneumatic ram for M & S gear drawn on a blank servicing form. Seven cents United States postage stamp top right.

Crew list
Names of crew including Harold Wakefield

Telegram to Harold Wakefield
Congratulation on award of DFC from Den and Sam

Telegram to Harold Wakefield
Congratulation on award of DFC from Den and Sam
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