Letter to George Dennis' Father



Letter to George Dennis' Father


The letter advises that George is missing with no further news.




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No. 550 Squadron,
R.A.F. Station,
North Killingholme,
Nr. Grimsby,

7th December, 1944.

Dear Mr Dennis

It is with the deepest regret that I have to confirm the sad news that your son, Sergeant George Charles Dennis is missing as a result of air operations against the enemy on the night of 6/7th December, 1944. I should like to take this opportunity to offer, on behalf of the Squadron, our deepest sympathy to you in your great anxiety, and we trust you will derive a little comfort in the knowledge that he may be safe and well as a prisoner of war.

Unfortunately, information concerning those who are captured often takes several weeks to reach this Country through the medium of the International Red Cross Society, but you can rest assured that the moment any news is forthcoming, you will be immediately notified.

George has been with the Squadron for a little over six weeks, during which time he has participated in ten operational flights against the enemy, proving himself on each one to be a vigilant and efficient air gunner, and he will, I am sure he will be greatly missed by the many friends he has made since joining the Squadron.

I should like to explain the request contained in my telegram informing you of your son’s misfortune, which was inserted with the object of avoiding his chances of escape being prejudiced by undue publicity in the event of him still being at large. This does not mean to say that any news of him is available, but is a precaution adopted in the case of all persons reported missing.

All George’s personal belongings are being handled by the Station Effects Officer, who will forward them to the Central Committee of Adjustment, R.A.F. Colnbrook, Slough, Bucks., when the Officer in charge of this latter Unit will communicate with you.

Yours Sincerely


Squadron Leader,
[underlined] Commanding, No. 550 Squadron. [/underlined]

Mr. R.H. Dennis,
59, Thrush Drive,


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