Eyles, Bill


Eyles, Bill
C W Eyles


51 items. The collection concerns Bill Eyles DFM (900473 Royal Air Force) and contains his log book. notebooks, correspondence and photographs. He flew a tour as a bomb aimer with 78 Squadron and later a second tour with 35 Squadron Pathfinders.

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Eyles, CW

Collection Items

Soldier and airman
Head and shoulders portrait of a soldier wearing tunic and peaked cap side by side with an airman wearing tunic with side cap.

Bill and Marjorie Eyles
Head and shoulders portrait of a Women's Auxiliary Air Force corporal wearing tunic side by side with an airman wearing tunic with sergeant rank and observer brevet.

Member of Women's Auxiliary Air Force
Head and shoulders portrait of a WAAF wearing tunic.

Three children
Family portrait of a boy and a girl sitting with another boy standing behind.

Bill Eyles
Head and shoulders portrait of an airman wearing tunic with bomb aimer brevet and pathfinder badge.

Heavies prepare for victory day fly-past
Newspaper cutting with photograph of five 35 Squadron Lancasters airborne in formation. Article states 35 Squadron would represent RAF heavy bombers in London's victory day fly-past. Photo taken during test flight. Planes would fly to New York after…

Master bomber
Article describing use of tactical and heavy bombers using precision bombing, controlled by master bombers in aid of ground forces. Master bomber ensures all bombs fall ahead of safety line to keep clear of own troops.

Bill Eyles service history
Enlisted in 1939, ground staff until re-mustered as aircrew, Feb 1943 to RAF St Eval, anti-submarine sweeps. May 1943 to 78 Squadron, 1943 instructing at OTU, July 1944 to 35 Squadron Pathfinders, total of 66 operations. Demobbed February 1946.

Bill Eyles operations and crew on first tour
List of 20 operations from may to August 1943 and list of crew members that he flew with. Notes one crew member subsequently killed in action and another survived a bad crash.

Combat report
Reports by Sergeant T Barger of attack by enemy aircraft during operation to Krefeld 22 June 1943.

Address at Cranwell
Gives address for 900473 AC2 C Eyles, Class 6E at East Camp Cranwell.

Bill Eyles school report
Gives dates attended Northgate school for boys, conduct and exams passed.

Supplementary endorsement to ordinary  national certificate in mechanical engineering
Made out to Charles William Eyles for principles of electricity.

Physics definitions
Definition of unit of force, energy, power and pressure. Followed by list of physical unit equivalents and chemical symbols.

Letter to officer commanding no 8 school of training
From RAF records office noting that it was planned that Bill Eyles attend investiture at Buckingham palace for award of Distinguished Flying Medal on 4 December 1945. Asks that he be supplied with railway warrant and details when the actual…

Bill Eyles invitation to investiture
Invitation to investiture at Buckingham Palace for award of Distinguished Flying Medal on 4 December 1944.

D-Day letter
Letter from supreme allied commander before D-Day.

Bill Eyles warrant scroll
Scroll for promotion to Warrant Officer effective 29 September 1944.

Bill Eyles recommendation for award of the Distinguished Flying Medal
States Flight Sergeant Charles William Eyles was Master Bomber and visual marker and was reliable and accurate. Participated in 51 attacks by day and night against heavily defended targets. Provides other accolades.

Flight Lieutenant G J O'Neill
Head and shoulders portrait of an officer wearing tunic with brevet and medal ribbon. Captioned 'F/Lt G J O'Neill W/Op on plane that crashed. He was 78 Squadron signals officer and as such wouldn't have flown very often. Didn't usually fly with this…

Harry Binns
Head and shoulders portrait of a navigator wearing tunic with navigator brevet and sergeants rank. Captioned 'Harry Binns, killed when the plane they were in crashed returning from a raid on Nuremburg, Halifax JD151, crashed at Bowthorpe HallSouth…

Accident card
Accident report for Halifax II, 78 Squadron, pilot J Jenkinson. Notes port engine cut - petrol shortage. Captain could have landed earlier. Flt engineer must have misjudged [....], recommends no further action. Note with title and date.

Letter to Bill Eyles from S Bradshaw
Letter from relation of Harry Binns navigator who had been killed in a crash. Asks Bill to tell Mrs Binns about Harry's last days. provides some information about Harry and asks him to share any experiences.

Man with theodolite
A man wearing civilian suit standing behind a theodolite on a tripod. Captioned 'Inspector using Wild T.2 universal theodolite and Vernier height gauge during checking of squareness of side walls to end walls'.
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