Letter to Bill Eyles from his wife Margorie



Letter to Bill Eyles from his wife Margorie


Expresses her love and says they are complete now that they have a baby. Looks forward to when he would be at home again. Writes more about the baby and how she feels.




Two page handwritten letter


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10.30 a.m. Wednesday.

Hallo my darling,
It made me very happy when I read that wonderful letter you wrote - I even had tears in my eyes: by the time I reached the end of it. I love you such a lot brown eyes and now that we have our baby I guess our happiness will be complete, don't you? Are you really glad about your little daughter darling? Isn't it a wonderful feeling to think that she is our very own - do remember that night. She really is a little love baby isn't she and I am so glad we didn't wait until June.

It is so difficult when you come at night, to talk a lot, but I guess you know all I would say if I could don't you? And it is hard to be satisfied [inserted] (sorry) [/inserted] with just two tiny kisses. I miss you an awful lot darling, and I long to be home again and to be able to feel your arms around me at night. And to wait patiently for you to return from work each night - I am always glad when the evenings come.

As soon as the baby was born I thanked God that she was safe and that it was a little girl because although you wouldn't say, I know just how much you hoped it would be a daughter. Am I right in saying that darling?

I guess as how you'll be getting cold sitting

[page break]

up in bed to read this - but do you mind brown eyes? I only wish I could be there beside you to watch you read this like we used to do when you came home on leave. Remember the letters [indecipherable words] Happy days - but we are even happier now, aren't we - I wonder why?

I have had the baby for the second time this morning and she has so far behaved herself very well - although last night she was sick a little. Anyway the nurse says she is doing fine and is getting plenty of nourishment (what did you say?). And I am still convinced that her eyes are brown darling - but we shall see for sure on Sunday. Won't it be wonderful to be together again - I miss you such a lot - do you think it is because I love you so very very much?

Will you have 'just two minutes' when you have finished reading this darling - or will you forget all about that? Alright I know Y - R!!! But soon we shall be able to have them together and will I be happy then?

Well my own darling, I must just have the daily half now on my tummy. Please be very careful on your way to and from work won't you? And remember I love you lots.

All my love my darling
Yours always

H.P.? D.Y.M.M.?



M J Eyles, “Letter to Bill Eyles from his wife Margorie,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 15, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/33477.

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