Letter to Bill Eyles from his wife Margorie



Letter to Bill Eyles from his wife Margorie


Expresses everlasting love, how happy she was and even though they were not able to spend much time together, she was always thinking of him. Letter written when he was going back for his second tour.




Six page handwritten letter


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Any Time Any Place

My Very Own Darling,

Just to let you know that I love you very very much, and I will never change my mind about that.

Through no fault of ours it is impossible for me to be with you very often these days, but every night just before I go to sleep, I shall put your photo under my pillow, and then lie very still and think of you for just two minutes.

On days when I am

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feeling lonely, I shall just think of the happy times I have spent with you my darling, and I shan't be sad any more. I never realised how happy two people could be together, and I am longing for the time when I shan't have to say "goodbye" to you any more. I shall be so very happy then my darling, and I shall do my very best to make you happy too.

I shall keep my little

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[censored two lines]
think of the wonderful evening.

Every time I see your ring on my finger darling, I think it is a dream that you should have chosen me to one day become your wife. Ane [censored two lines]

Bill my darling I love you more than anything in the world, and [underlined] no-one can ever [/underlined] take your place in my

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life. Please, always remember that won't you brown eyes?

"If I had my way" this war would be over, and we should be terribly happy together. It will be lovely to have a fireside of our own, and to see your slippers just waiting for you to pop your feet in them. And one of these days there will be some little slippers too! Will you be happy then my darling, because I shall. And some day when all this is over, we will come back to our gate, and take some of our old walks together. And if you still call me 'darling'

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then, and I hope you will, I shall say "you know Bill, you shouldn't say these things if you don't mean them". And what will you say then? I shall say "Bill, do you remember the letter I wrote to you when you were going back on your second 'Job of work', and all the things I wrote then, well I mean every single word, and I always will".

I hope that you will carry this letter with you wherever you go my darling, and then I shall feel that I am always with you. And please don't stand me on my head in your pocket will

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No matter where you go or what you do, I shall always [censored two lines]

Please take very great care of yourself sweetheart, just for me and I pray that God will keep you safe for me.

All my love for always
To my darling Bill
[censored two lines]

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