Letter from George Bilton to his mother



Letter from George Bilton to his mother


Writes while on course in Blackpool. Mentions studying for exams and relates how well he did. Comments on cakes she sent and the weather. Asks after family news and asks her to send black tie.




Two page handwritten letter


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1623799 AC/2 Bilton
c/o 11 Wendsor Av


My Dear Mother

Just a few lines to let you know that I am getting on OK with my cours [sic] the reason I have not written before is I have been swotting up for an exam we had on Thursday, it was all about the work we had done in the Past fortnight, all about areo Engins [sic].

I came top of the [deleted] call [/deleted] class and second in the entry [?] there are 90 in the entry. I passed with 65 out of 100 which is good marks, seeing the average is only 57 since the school oppened [sic]. We start on magnetos and Boost Control supperchargs [sic] and [indecipherable word] next week fr [sic] one week so dont expect a lot of Letters as it is the worst Part of the course.

I recived [sic] your cakes on Wednesday, and they have nealy [sic] all gone were very good. I have [not] recived [sic] my washing yet, when did you get it.

The weather here is terrible it is raining like the Devil

[page break]

and has been since Thursday whats it like in Hull.

Hows dad getting on with his work has he got the managers job yet has jerry left you alone lately? How are the chickens the duck [?] and Ginger.

Well thats all for now as it is time to get back to school. Will write again on Sunday. Will close with all my love from
your loveing [sic] Son George [kisses]

PS Please send me a black tie as [indecipherable] is worn out and I canot [sic] change it for another[?] [indecipherable word/s].

Will be home in 4 weeks time to day.


G H A Bilton, “Letter from George Bilton to his mother ,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/33332.

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