Ron Rogers photographs



Ron Rogers photographs


Document containing five photographs:
1 - Six aircrew wearing battledress with brevet and peaked or side caps standing and squatting in two rows in front of a Lancaster bomber. Captioned 'Lancaster at Skellingthorpe July 1945. Back row (L-R) Bruce Smith (Rear Gunner), Wal Goodwin (Pilot), Ron Rodgers (Mid Upper Gunner). Front Row (L-R) Robby Robinson (Engineer), Allen Short (Bomb Aimer), Garry Maddrell (WOP)'.
2 - Four airmen wearing tunics with brevet and side caps sitting arm in arm in line on bicycles in a city street. Captioned 'Aussie Boys on leave Brighton April 1944. (L-R) Snow Wilson, Bruce Smith, Bull Redway, Ron Rodgers'.
3 - Seven aircrew wearing parachute harnesses and Mae Wests in two rows in front of the fuselage of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Avro Lancaster 1661 HCU April 1945 Winthorpe. Back row (L-R) W/O Allen Read (FE), W/O Ken Pederson (Nav), F/O Wally Goodwin (P), W/O Allen Short (BA). Front row (L-R) W/O Ron Rodgers (MU), W/O Bruce Smith (RG), W/O Garry Maddrell (WOP)'.
4 - Full length portrait of an airman wearing tunic with air gunner brevet and side cap standing with hand in pocket with part of a fence and building in the background.
5 - Half length portrait of a man wearing jacket with medals and tie.

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Five page document with four b/w and one colour photographs


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