Picton 1943



Picton 1943


Three album pages, the first has five photographs, the first is of a street with houses on one side and trees on the other captioned 'In the town'.
The second a snow covered car on a street with the caption 'After the snow storm'.
The third a large steam locomotive from the front captioned 'One of the Canadian National engines'.
The fourth of a thermometer captioned, 'Proof of the cold 52degrees below.'
The fifth a church surrounded by snow captioned 'St Mark's church'.
The second page is captioned 'No 31 B.&G.S. Picton under snow'. Four pictures, the first is of an open snow covered expanse with structures on the sky line, captioned '200 yard range.'
The second has an area of water with a beach on one side and a low tree covered headland on the other, captioned 'Picton Bay.'
Third has snow covered countryside, captioned 'Just outside camp.'
The fourth has a a snow covered road with snow banks, captioned 'The road out of camp'.
The third page is captioned 'The basketball team.' One photograph, shows nine individuals in sports kit and one SNCO posed in two rows in front of a wooden wall. The players are named, back row, 'S. Cambell, J. Castle, F/Sgt Bookfield, E. Shackleton, F. Newton, front row J. Wood, T. Lawson, A. Price, Myself, M. Rose.'



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10 b/w photographs on three album pages


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