Kent, Kenneth D


Kent, Kenneth D
K D Kent


31 items. The collection concerns Kenneth Kent (b. 1922, 572440, 55219 Royal Air Force) and contains a photograph album and documents. He joined the RAF as an Apprentice in 1936, starting his training at RAF Halton later going to RAF Cosford. He completed his training as an aircraft tradesman and was promoted to corporal. He volunteered for aircrew and went to the United States and Canada for flight training in July 1942. He was commissioned in July 1943 and was posted to 106 Squadron at RAF Metheringham. He was promoted to Squadron Leader in August 1945.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Nigel Kent and catalogued by Trevor Hardcastle.




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Kent, KD

Collection Items

Navigator's plot for an operation
Pre-printed map shows eastern England and north eastern Europe. Plot runs from Lincolnshire by a circuitous route to just east of Leipzig and return.

Bomb aimers briefing sheet for an operation
A duplicated sheet for the bomb aimer to fill in with details of his bomb load. On the reverse notes about the Target Indicators.

'The Redwood Highway, California, U.S.A November 1942'
Four photographs, the first captioned 'Sunset from the highway between Eureka and Crescent City.'
The second has a river its banks covered in trees, hills in the distance, captioned 'Eel River.'. The third has a group of tall trees flanking a road,…

Golden Gate Bridge 1942
Four photographs the first is of the bridge with hilly coast line captioned 'The bridge from Presidio. A clear span of 4200 ft, height of towers 740ft'.
Second captioned ' Ocean and mountain scenery from the bridge'.
Third is a full span of the…

San Francisco 1942
First page has four photographs, the first a close up of one of the enclose suspension cables appearing to sit on a young ladies shoulder, captioned, 'An American Miss holding a suspension cable'.
The second shows a semi circular tunnel captioned…

San Francisco 1942
Two pages, the first has one photograph of central San Francisco captioned 'A few of San Francisco's skyscrapers'. with some of them named.
A second photograph has been removed.
The second page has four photographs, the first is of an imposing…

Canadian Pacific Rockies 1942
Two album pages captioned 'The Canadian Pacific Rockies, passed through them on the way to Vancouver, November 1942.'
The first page has five photographs, the first has a train on a bridge crossing a rocky canyon, captioned 'Stoney Creek Bridge'.…

The North Shore, Lake Superior, Canada 1942
Two album pages captioned, 'The North Shore, Lake Superior, Canada, on the way out west September 1942'. The first has four photographs all showing variations of expanses of water and rocky shores, all have printed captions.
The second has four…

Course photographs 1942
Two photographs, first is formal photograph, 61 individuals posed in thee rows, in front of brick building with large windows. Captioned 'No 38 SFTS RAF Estavan, Saskatchewan, Canada, December 1942.
Second is of 43 aircrew trainees and four staff,…

RAF Picton 1943
Page captioned No 31 Bombing and Gunnery School RAF Picton, Ontario Canada, Course 75, March 1943. Formal course photograph, three groups posed in four rows in front of hangar wall. Captioned Squad II, Squad I & Squad III'.

No 31 Elementary Flying Training School De Winton, 1942
Four album pages, the first page is captioned 'No 31 E.F.T.S. R.A.F. De Winton, Alberta, Canada. September-November 1942'. It has five photographs.
The first has a Tiger Moth over snow covered expanse, captioned 'Tiger Moth about to take off'.…

Niagara Falls 1943
Two album pages, both captioned 'Niagra Falls June 1943'.
The first has four photographs.
The first two are at the base of the Falls, looking at a pile of rocks with the Falls in the background, captioned 'American Falls by Goat Island, taken…

Toronto 1943
Page captioned Tornto, Ontario, Canada. March 1943. Seven photographs, first and second of skyscrapers from street level.
Third is low level skyscraper captioned Royal York Hotel.
Fourth high rise buildings lining a street, captioned Young…

New York 1942
Page captioned 'New York from the boat September 1942.' Four photographs, first water in the foreground, docks and the city in the distance, captioned 'Staten Island with the Empire State at the back'.
Second and fourth, water in the foreground,…

Detroit 1943
Page captioned 'Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. July 1943. Four photographs, first two show skyscrapers from above, captioned 'The sky scrapers from the hotel and The sky scrapers again.'
Third is if a wide river in an urban area, captioned, 'The Detroit…

Montreal 1942
Page captioned 'Montreal, Canada September 1942'. four photographs, first is of a low rise skyscraper, captioned 'Sun & Life building'.
Second a view of the city captioned, Montreal from Mount Royal'.
Third is similar captioned ' Another view…

Picton 1943
Three album pages, the first has five photographs, the first is of a street with houses on one side and trees on the other captioned 'In the town'.
The second a snow covered car on a street with the caption 'After the snow storm'.
The third a…

Niagara Falls from the air
Two photographs of Niagra Falls, both captioned 'Niagra Falls from the air June 1943'.
The first is of a large wide body of water cascading over the edge with large buildings close by, captioned 'The American Falls with Niagra Falls, New york State…

Burlington Bridge
Photograph shows two bridges spanning a canal which leads to open water. Also four large pylons. Captioned 'Aerial photographs from the Anson at 33 A.N.S. Mount Hope, Hamilton, Ontario. June 1943.' and 'Burlington Bridge over the canal running into…

Hamilton Main Street
Built up area showing mixture of buildings arranged around grid pattern streets. Captioned 'Hamilton Main Street.' and 'Still in the Anson at 300feet'.

Bolingbroke on fire
Page is captioned 'No 31 Bombing and Gunnery School Picton. A Bolingbroke on fire.'
Three photographs of a burning aircraft captioned 'Fighting the fire.', 'Where there is smoke there is fire.' and 'Almost under control'.
The fourth clearly of a…

Picton and Mount Hope
Caption for the page, 'With the boys at 31 B. & G.S. February - May & 33 A.N.S. May-July'. First picture, three individuals standing in front of a wooden building, captioned 'With Mike and Johnney at Picton'.
Second and third, group of individuals…

Niagara Falls
Page captioned 'Niagra Falls New York State, U.S.A. June 1943. Six photographs, first is of a group of individuals standing on rocks, captioned 'Getting wet with the Falls behind us'.
Second is of the tour boat below the Falls, captioned 'Maid of…

RCAF Picton
Page captioned 'No 31 B&GS R.A.F.Picton, on the 200 yard range'. Four photographs, first is of a R.A.F. S.N.C.O. captioned 'Chiefie'.
Second is of four individuals with lengths of wood on their shoulders, captioned 'Ginger Bowden, Jock Wood, Myself…

Ansons and billet at Moncton
Two air-to-air photographs of Ansons in flight, first an Anson is quite close and the left engine cowling of the camera aircraft is visible, captioned 'Ansons in formation'.
The second is of an Anson banking away from the camera aircraft, captioned…
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