Letter from Pat Hogan to Miss Marie Hogan



Letter from Pat Hogan to Miss Marie Hogan


Comments that there seems to have been little Australian air mail over for anyone the last month. Apologises for not writing and describes recent leave in London and day in Leeds. Reports arrival of parcels from home. Talks of future leave, one week in six and discusses need for future parcels or not. Some of page damaged and unreadable.




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Four sided handwritten airmail letter


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A436464 P/Sgt HOGAN P

Dear Marie,

For some reason or other we have had very little Australian airmail over the last month. I am not blaming you at all for everyone seems to be in the same boat. I guess some of it must have gone astray somewhere. On the other hand I must apologise for my laxity. I’ve just returned from 9 days leave. Prior to that I had five trips to 3rd [one indecipherable word] in a week & was rather [two indecipherable words] for a start. However I started off with 5 days in the country.

With the aid of sleep, milk & eggs I was pretty fit when I left Dulverton for London. Of course I stayed once more with Ivan & Mrs Kemp & they are jolly decent to us. You may remember Bren & I went

[page break]

down there last June. Had a couple of days in London. Saw 2 shows & went along once to Hammersmith Palais where we struck a couple of decent bands – Lou Preager & Sydney Simone. You may have heard their records. Saw a very cleverly acted stage show. “Tomorrow the World” but thought the story rather weak & overstressed. We struck one glorious day in London [two indecipherable words] the fog & rain & Rog & I [two unreadable words] away the afternoon in [three or four indecipherable words].

She [two or three unreadable words] to talk us into [deleted word] [four or five unreadable words] we decided to [two or three indecipherable words] & have a day or so in Leicester or Leeds or somewhere. We were passing through Bedford at dinner time so hopped off there. Managed to get accommodation at a very nice little pub so had 2 quiet days there. Again saw a picture show & patronised a couple of hops.

People in there towns always are most hospitable to us & give us a

[page break]

very decent spin. What is more they always believe the line[?] we shoot – which I’m afraid is more than I can saw[sic] for our gallant Allies. I collected 3 parcels this morning & believed[sic] me I was pleased to see those pygamas[sic] – just what the doctor ordered. Thanks indeed – it is a pity they hadn’t arrived just a couple of days sooner but that is a mere detail. Also got a nice hamper from you as well as [one indecipherable word] from [one indecipherable word], I think it might actually be an idea if you [three or four indecipherable words] henceforth. We get [three or four indecipherable words] here & as we [four or five indecipherable words] irregular [four or five indecipherable words]. At least I should say perhaps weariness is stronger than the hunger. Moreover we get pretty good leave (one week in six) & the A.C.H. do us pretty well into the bargain. Hence I don’t think I’m justified in putting you to any further trouble over parcels – But believe me I did really appreciate them when I was on that last station – contd. on another
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[air letter postmarked Driffield, Yorkshire Feb 1945]
Miss M. Hogan
67 Chapel Rd
Bendigo Vic

A436464 F/S Hogan P.
RAAF [two indecipherable words]



P J Hogan, “Letter from Pat Hogan to Miss Marie Hogan,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/31949.

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