Letter from Pat Hogan to his father



Letter from Pat Hogan to his father


Reports on recent mail. Mentions Christmas and that he would soon be celebrating his first anniversary away from Australia. Mentions two day stand own over Christmas but 20 mile travel ban and his plans for the break. Continues with more news of mail and parcels and his recent activities. Mentions doing some flying but rate affected by weather. Continues with discussion of the time parcels take to arrive and items that have not arrived. Mentions books and photographs he had sent home. Catches up with home news.




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Four sided handwritten airmail letter


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A436464 Sgt Hogan P.J.

Dear Dad,

As I received air letters from both May & Marie & also an airgraph from Jim I'm pretty well conversant with current happenings at 77 Chapel St. Also received an airletter from Bro. Kenneth a couple of days ago, to which I've already replied.

Christmas is now fast approaching & I suppose it will be no time at all before I'm celebrating my 1st anniversary away from Australia. We have 2 days standown over the festive period but there is a 20 miles travel ban so we can't go far. Our messing staff have the afternoon off on the 25th & our big do is on boxing day. We have spent a large sum of money on it & consequently it will be worth attending. Hence instead of making away anywhere we have booked into a pub in town for the evening meal on Christmas day. No doubt we could have got hospitality if we'd wanted to look for it but we decided against it. Actually we all got several pressing invitations but they were all from down South.

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I had letters from both Mrs Roe – Katanning & Mrs Spencer [indecipherable word] during the week wishing me [indecipherable word] best for Christmas

Alan yesterday received a nice parcel from friends in London containing half a chuck. As it was a bit much for him & as Greg & I were meeting him in town last night for the pictures, he took it in with him. After the show which we walked out on we adjourned the lounge of the George & no doubt made quite a pretty picture tearing this thing apart with one hand & using the other to refill our glasses with BYB. Still it was very nice indeed after the hash we been getting out here.

We've been off the deck a few more times than usual this week but still don't get up very often for we still have our share of fog, rain & snow.

[underlined] Later. [/underlined] Received your airgraph at dinner time - written on the first to catch me for Christmas. Glad to note you got on to Sirius for the Cup. Tough luck Dan had to walk out on the Hotham after backing him at a fair price.

You can tell Marie the braces haven't turned up as yet but I presume they'll turn up in due course. Parcels average out about 4 months coming this way. I'm pleased to hear about the pyjamas & I didn't expect you to send them air mail anyhow. I'll indeed be looking forward to them. Thank Mary

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for coming to my rescue with the coupons. By the way did those books I sent round about August last, turn up? One of them was a Quentin Reynolds. Last week I sent a couple more, one a rather expensive one on air navigation I want kept I also included a number of photos including a group of 4 of the crew. Under separate cover I sent all the snapshots I had on hand in two envelopes so please look after them when they arrive.

Funny Marie mentioned Geo Wells & Pete Lalow; you never know I may even run into them in the near future – after all it is rather a small world.

Bro. Kenneth told me of Jack Ryan’s successful conclusion to his degree studies. He too has evidently done pretty well. Did Doreen make the grade with [indecipherable words].

Well, Dad, I trust you all have a good time over the holidays & are not again troubled by the bushfires. If only I could wish a little of this rain upon you.

I’m afraid I’m running rather low for news at the moment. I just remembered I had a few anxious moments this week when rather browned off with this place, I said something rather indiscreet & so incurred the displeasure of a very high ranking officer. Even if nothing else comes of it I think I can forget about a commission for the time being. Love to all Pat.

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Air Letter

Mr D.H. Hogan
67 Chapel St.,
Bendigo Vic

From A436464 F/Sgt Hogan P.



P J Hogan, “Letter from Pat Hogan to his father,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed September 29, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/31842.

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