Thirty-five airmen



Thirty-five airmen


Thirty-five airmen wearing greatcoats and side or peaked caps sitting and standing in four rows.

Submitted with caption 'Back row left to right. Edward Pullen, became a Wing Commander, killed in action 20 December 1943 when serving with 50 Squadron. My father (Layne) completed a tour with 50 Squadron and a tour with 97 Squadron and survived the war. Welford went to 50 Squadron and survived the war. I believe the airman back row, third from left is Israel Jacobovitch who served under the name of Jackson. He was lost 9 days after joining 50 Squadron in Hampden AE 226. On Jackson’s left (our right) is A/G John Matthews of 144 Squadron. He survived the war. Third row, extreme left hand side is Sgt Bruce Dundas (Lord Dundas of Orkney). Killed 24/02/1942 144 Squadron. Lord Dundas Of Orkney was shot down by a member of the German nobility, Egmont Prinz zur Lippe-Weißenfeld. On the same row George Hosford Bradley was killed 28/8/1941 when his 14 OTU aircraft exploded in mid-flight when on a cross country. Second row, Bousfield, third from right was lost with his crew consisting of Sgt. E R. Bousfield, Sgt. J E S. Burke, F/S. J H. Tittley, and AC1.H L. Reed on 19th July 1941. 50 Squadron moved from Lindholme to Swinderby and the squadron departed Lindholme in formation. Shortly after take-off Hampden AD 897 rolled onto it’s back and flew inverted for a few seconds before diving into the ground killing Sgt. Bousfield and crew'.

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