Letter from Wally Layne to his wife



Letter from Wally Layne to his wife


Writes he is fit and well and that weather was good but days drawing in. He would be sorry if he had to spend another winter as a prisoner. Talks of haircuts and mail he had received. Will be glad to get photo of baby and mentions friends at home. Says has been watching cricket and mentions friends in camp.




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Sept 17/44. My dear Joan, I am very fit and well trust you are the same. The weather is very nice here but it is cold first thing in the mornings and the days are drawing shorter. I shall be sorry if I have to spend another winter as a prisoner, all the fellows here are counting on being home by Christmas, it would be marvelous [sic]. I expect you will receive this letter about then. I had all my hair off last march but it is almost back to normal now, I shall soon have to have it trimmed again, it was much better in the summer having a bald head, it saved all the sand blowing into it. I received five letters from you last week. April 4, 8, 17 & 18 and March 29, one of them contained photo of [indecipherable words]. I thought it was David at first. I shall be very glad to receive some of him. Miss Redding was certainly very good to you. I haven't done much reading lately, I have been watching cricket most of the time. There are three fellows here I was at school with, Laurie Collins of Grimsby, Pete Gurnell of Scawby and Ray Colbeck of Scunthorpe, the last named is an army boy and gets letters from a girl in St Catherine's Rd Grantham. Who is this Dick who is missing, is it Dick Campling. A fellow next to me says it wont be long now, I hope he is right. Give my love to everyone especially to David, tell him I may see him one of these days. We are only getting a half a red cross parcel now I am afraid. All my love Walt.



W H Layne, “Letter from Wally Layne to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 19, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/30805.

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