Letter from Wally Layne to his wife



Letter from Wally Layne to his wife


Reports arrival of letters one with photographs of the baby with which he is very pleased. Discusses progress of war and expectations of the end before Christmas. Mentions V-1s and V-2s. Says he has almost run out of cigarettes and that he they were getting half a Red Cross parcel which might cease the next week.




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Sept 21/44 My dearest Joan, I received two letters the day before yesterday, one from you and one from Bella. Yours was May 24th and Bella's April 21/44. I was very very pleased to get yours as Juniors photograph was in it, he certainly looks a lovely baby, we should be able to do very well indeed when we have had a bit more practice. I am swanking him off to every one, he looks as if he could lick anyone in England at his own weight. I shall be glad when the others turn up of him. All the fellows here are expecting the end of the war before Christmas, I am not quite as optimistic as that, but things certainly do seem to be going very nicely in our favour, V1 doesn't seem to have beaten England down to her knees yet, I wonder what V2 will do. I have only had one cigarette parcel since we left [censored word] that was from B Twilley, I shall be glad when some come along as I am almost out, we are on half a red + parcel these days and unless something happens quickly we shan't get that next week. Give my love to David and tell him I shan't be long before I am coming along to see him, about another six months I should imagine. I will write again at the end of the week. All my love Walt.



W H Layne, “Letter from Wally Layne to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 7, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/30806.

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