Bonded hoses



Bonded hoses


Report on quarantine of bonded hoses and notes on despatch hoses. On the reverse letter about an order.




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One side handwritten, reverse typewritten document


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[underlined]Quarantine, Bonded & Despatch Hoses to I.I.A.33. & M412 [/underlined]
[underlined]Log item no 1 – 2 & 4 [/underlined] [underlined] Process Report No 52. [/underlined]

[underlined] Quarantine & Bonded Hoses [/underlined]:-

Incoming parts & material have been greatly reduced during the last few months, and most of the work at present being handled by the stores, consists of material and partly fininshed work returned by sub-contractors on completion of orders. All material & parts entering the factory pass through Bonded & Quarantine Stores, where they are checked to advice and release notes, inspected to drawing, are given a batch number and dispersed to their relative part stores about the factory. All information relative to the material or parts is well co-related and can satisfactorily be traced back to the original release note on test report. Any batch of material or parts received without release note is quarantined untill [sic] such times as the relevant paper work is received. Colour identifaction of raw material is satisfactorily carried out to I.I.M.412. The finished part stores are generaly [sic]in a clean and tidy condition. Parts are well stacked or binned, ends of pipes etc, are blanked off and each part carries a part no: batch no and inspection stamp. A spot check taken on valve sleeves Part No. 28503/1743 was satisfactorily traced back to Release Note No 7930 on Messers Homo Ltd, Shrewsbury.[symbol]

[underlined] Despatch Hoses [/underlined]:-
Here also the amount of work has been greatly reduced during the last few months. All parts are re-inspected, well and securly tied up, with a metal backed label attached, bearing all necessary information and an inspection stamp.
Work is carried out systematically and is efficiently controlled & recorded.

Process is considered satisfactory.

[symbol] The batch of Jural coil returned from Messrs B.T.H with [deleted] ident marks [/deleted] [inserted] Batch Nos [/inserted] obliterated, as mentioned in the previous report, has been sorted out by [deleted] the [/deleted][inserted] a [/inserted] representative from B.T.H. Coils which could be traced [deleted] were [/deleted] had their bactch No’s [deleted] etc [/deleted] re-stamped, those which could not possibly be traced were re-batched & dated to identify them with B.T.H.

J.F Nolan

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Extension 33.


11th May 1945.

Messrs. W.G. Kaleyards Limited,
Victoria Road,
[underlined] CHESTER [/underlined].

Dear Sirs,

[underlined] Order No. BS/SC.11656 [/underlined].

With reference to the above order, and in accordance with your letter of the 20th ultimo, we would confrm acceptance of he following prices:-

8 off Cleat to Drg. 28535/175
[underlined] @ 1 1/2d each [/underlined].

1 off Bracket to Drg.28535/307
[underlined] @ 1/5d each [/underlined].

3 off Footrest to Drg.28535/431
[underlined] @ 12/6d each [/underlined].

1 off Bearing Plate to Drg.28535/439
[underlined] @ 6 1/2d each [/underlined].

3 off Gusset to Drg.28535/441
[underlined] @ 1/3d each [/underlined].

6 off Eye Bolt to Drg.28535/743
[underlined] @ 1/7d each [/underlined].

Yours faithfully,
Acting for and behalf of The
Minister for Aircraft Production.

Blackpool Works.




J F Nolan, “Bonded hoses,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 18, 2024,

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