Storage of fuel oil



Storage of fuel oil


Instructions for storage of various fuels handwritten on the back of another document asking for amendment to an order.



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One side handwritten, reverse typewritten document


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[underlined] Storage of Fuel. Oil [/underlined] [underlined]22-11-44 [/underlined]

[underlined] Oil [/underlined] I.I. M.433. Para5. & [deleted] Part [/deleted] I.I. M.H25 (PART).
[underlined] Bellman Hangar Hire[/underlined]
Most of the oil now being received is in sealed barrels. Each different spec: is plainly marked & stacked separately, each stack being surrounded by white lines painted on the floor. When oil does arrive by tanker it is pumped direct into previously inspected barrels.
Tests for moisture content are carried out periodically with satisfactory results. The store is in a very clean condition, and all pipes, taps etc, are kept enclosed to ensure cleanliness.
[underlined] Bulk Storage [/underlined]
Several tanks are in use varying from 600 to 2,000 galls capacity [deleted] and [/deleted] but most of the oil is now received in sealed barrels. All tanks and barrels are in a clean condition and clearly marked.
“USED OIL” barrels are distinctly marked for return as salvage. A recent case when wrong oil was issued has been satisfactorily cleared up by returning the oil concerned as “USED OIL”.
A spot check was taken on the two engine oil tanks for water content and no trace of water was found.
The following Batch Nos were selected at random and traced back to their respective Release Notes & found correct.

Spec. Batch No. R/Note No date firm
DTD 44D 595-815 L.1206 22-6-44 Wakefields
DTD 472A 587-891 6929 5-9-44 Intava

[underlined]Fuel [/underlined]
Four tanks are at present in use, each of 3000 galls capacity, and only 100 octane fuel is stocked. Tests for water are carried out approx: every 7 days. The look record was examined, the last entry being dated 13/11/44 and was as follows.
No 1 tank – nil: No 2 tank – nil: No 3 tank – 3/5”: No 4 tank – 1 1/2 “o:

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Extension 40.

Revised W/O. for Item.3.
M73 to Pt.M74./88
Item.5. Pt.M74 to M78/88

15th September 1944.

Messrs. H. Bagott & Co. Limited,
Diglis Road,
[underlined] WORCESTER. [/underlined]

Dear Sirs,

[underlined] Order No. BS/SC.7681. [/underlined]

With reference to the above order, will you please amend this in accordance with the following:-

[underlined] ITEM. 3. [/underlined]
61,920 (86 per M/C.) Screw to Drg. VGS. 1505/4BA/23
[underlined] TO READ [/underlined]:-
17,512 (86 per M/C.) Screw to Drg. VGS. 1505/4BA/23
(Representing 170 M/C. sets + 34 sets approx. contingency.)

[underlined] ADD Item.5. [/underlined]
44,408 (86 per M/C.) Screw to Drg. VGS. 1505/4BA/25
(Representing 430 M/C. sets + 86 sets approx. contingency.)

We shall be pleased if you will quote prior to invoicing. for Item.5.

Yours faithfully,
Acting for and on behalf of The Minister for Aircraft Production.

Blackpool Works.

[Inserted vertically] Storage fuel & oil [/inserted vertically]



“Storage of fuel oil,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 29, 2024,

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