Aircrew, Bremerhaven, Bremen and Warsaw



Aircrew, Bremerhaven, Bremen and Warsaw


Top left: Seven RAF aircrew in full flight gear in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Just before last trip Bremen daylight, 1945'.
Top right: oblique aerial photograph of a city. In centre a high-spired church amongst part ruined houses. There is a large river in the background and larger brick buildings to the farther side of the river. Captioned Bremerhaven 1945'.
Middle left: oblique aerial photograph of a river surrounding both sides of an industrial island. Almost all large industrial buildings are part-ruined. Captioned 'Bremen Docks from air 1945'.
Middle right: ruined city with part of a bridge upright in the foreground and buildings in the background. Captioned Warsaw ruin taken 47'.
Bottom left: a man wearing cold weather jacket and side cap leaning on the bonnet of a car parked in front of a building. Another car to the left and snow on the ground. Captioned 'Warsaw cold spell 1947'.
Bottom right: oblique aerial photograph of a ruined city with church spire in the centre. Beyond is a river with buildings on the far side. Captioned 'Bremerhaven 1945'.



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