Mellefont, Gilbert John


Mellefont, Gilbert John
G J Mellefont


Seven items. The collection concerns Gilbert John Mellefont (b. 1924), and contains his log book and photographs. He flew operations as an air gunner with 50 Squadron.

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Mellefont, GJ

Collection Items

RAF Association group
Seventeen men sitting and standing in two rows. All of the men except four are wearing cricket style clothing with open collars and are positioned semi-formally with their arms crossed. Three of the men in cricket attire have their collars turned up.…

Airman in front of a Humber Snipe
A smiling man in flying jacket clothing stands next to a Humber Snipe car parked in front of a building with snow on the ground. The car registration reads: “C D B-00023”, and has a British flag on the left of the front bumper. There is the edge…

A couple standing on steps
A man and woman stood with linked arms on stone steps, in front of a brick building with a large wooden door. They are dressed formally and are both wearing corsages on their jackets. The woman is wearing long pale gloves, a hat with a veil, and a…

Man wearing diner jacket
Full length image of a man wearing black diner jacket and bow tie standing leaning backwards with arms open and with a big smile. In the background curtains.

Aircrew, Bremerhaven, Bremen and Warsaw
Top left: Seven RAF aircrew in full flight gear in front of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Just before last trip Bremen daylight, 1945'.
Top right: oblique aerial photograph of a city. In centre a high-spired church amongst part ruined houses. There is a…

G J Mellefont’s flying log book for navigator’s air bomber air gunner’s flight engineers
Flying log book for navigator’s air bomber air gunner’s flight engineers for G J Mellefont, air gunner, covering the period from 25 February 1944 to 10 September 1946. Detailing his flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAF…
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