Lee, James Roy


Lee, James Roy
J R Lee


23 items. Concerns James Roy Lee (b. 1923, 575842 Royal Air Force). He flew operations as a flight engineer with 467 Squadron until he became a prisoner of war. Collection contains his flying log book, personal and official documents, correspondence, a history of 467 Squadron operations and photographs.

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Lee, JR

Collection Items

Flight Lieutenant J R Lee
Head and shoulders view of a man with headphones at the fight engineers desk of a Short Belfast. On the reverse 'Flt Lt J R Lee'.

Stalag IVB
In the centre a man with back to camera addressing a group of men in semicircle in front of him. In the background a single story hut. On the reverse 'Stalag IVB'.

Robert Edward Franklin
Head and shoulders side view of an airman wearing battledress with flight engineer brevet. He has number board on his left shoulder. Wooden wall in background. On the reverse handwritten addresses.

Wing Commander Cosme Lockwood Gomm
Head and shoulders portrait of Wing Commander Gomm wearing battledress with pilot's brevet and medal ribbons and peaked cap.

Seven aircrew by YMCA mobile canteen
Seven men, six standing and one kneeling down, in front of a van with open serving hatch.

Man  standing by field
Full length image of a man wearing overcoat with hands in pockets standing on side of a road by filed with a tree. On the reverse 'Field he landed in'.

Aircrew at debrief
Five aircrew seated and one standing round a table with maps and intelligence officer sitting on left. On the reverse 'F/Sgt Lee standing, L/R S/Ldr Henity interrogating W/C Gomm pilot'.

Seven aircrew by YMCA mobile canteen
Seven aircrew standing in line in front of a van with open serving hatch and rear door. In the background part of a bomber aircraft,

Aircrew by YMCA mobile canteen
Five aircrew standing in front of a van with serving hatch open. In the background part of a bomber aircraft. On the reverse 'W/C Gomm 2nd from left, F/Sgt Lee 4th from left'.

Aircrew by YMCA mobile canteen
Two men standing on left with several others bending down over parachutes in front of a van with open serving hatch on the right. In the background part of a bomber aircraft. On the reverse 'Issued on behalf of National Y.M.C.A/S'. Two versions.

J R Lee German notebook
Notebook issued in Berlin in 1933 but used by J R Lee. Contains banknote, German text, handwritten annotations, identity document for a German man, German stamps, English and Scottish addresses, some telephone numbers. At the end a list of James…

467 Squadron RAAF - Operations from RAF Bottesford and RAF Waddington
Covers 467 Squadron formation at RAF Scampton and move to RAF Waddington. List station and squadron commanders and statistics from operational record books including first and last operational sorties, operational sorties attempted, reasons for…

Two Telegrams to Mr K Lee from Roy
First advises ArrivedEngland [sic] safely home in few days. The second arrived England home in few days happy. Both signed Roy.

Telegram to Mr W Lee
Informs him that his son was a prisoner of war. Announced in German broadcast.

Letter to Mrs A Lee from Officer Commanding 467 Squadron
Writes in answer to her letter that the remainder of James Lee's crew were all killed. Mentions Wing Commander Gomm, captain and commander of the squadron. Rejoices that one member was spared and it would not be long before she was reunited with her…

Telegram to Mr W M Lee
Informs him that his son failed to return from operations.

Service history
Service history from December 1942 to August 1943 on 467 RAAF squadron at RAF Bottesford. Prisoner of war at Stalag IVB - 1945. Then list post war postings from June 1945 until September 1967. Shot down 15/16 August 1943.

Application for secondment to B.A.O.C
Application made out for W/O Lee J R. Records having flown Lancaster, Manchester and York. Details of education and remarks of squadron commander. Ex RAF apprentice.

Dulag Luft document
Prisoner of war documentation for James Lee with some personal details. Aircraft Lancaster, shot down 15 August 1943. Sent to Stalag IVB.

Stalag IVB Christmas menu
Lists James Lee's crew top right, menu for meal in the centre, at the bottom, pilot's brevet drawing and epitaph for crew. On the reverse many signatures.

List of James Lee's crew
List and next of kin of crew of James Lee's aircraft. Includes Wing Commander C L Gomm, Flying Officer T J Phillips, Flying Officer A H Rearden, Pilot Officer H N Pritchard, Warrant Officer L L McKenny.

An English air force mechanic shot down in 1943 returns to the place where his plane fell
Recalls shooting down of James Lee's aircraft where he was the only survivor. Subsequently rescued by French people and medically treated then became a prisoner of war. Notes he returned to the place and people who rescued him had no idea what had…

James Lee’s observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book
Observer’s and air gunner’s flying log book for J R Lee, flight engineer, covering the period from 15 November 1942 to 15 August 1943 where he was listed as missing and was the only survivor of his crew that crashed in France and became a…
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