Letter to Mrs Doreen Ellis from the Central Depository, RAF



Letter to Mrs Doreen Ellis from the Central Depository, RAF


The letter includes an inventory of Roy's possessions.



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Central Depository,
Royal Air Force,
Slough, Bucks.
[underlined]19th February, 1944[/underlined]
Reference: - CD/FW.37070

[underlined]918425 Sgt. Ellis. R.H.G.[/underlined]
Dear Madam,
The Committee of Adjustment composed of myself and two others which is being held at this office in accordance with Air Ministry instructions to deal with the estate of the above named, in so far as the Royal Air Force is concerned, desires to express deep sympathy with you in your bereavement.
I enclose an inventory of the personal effects held at this office which will be forwarded to the legal representative of the deceased as soon as Air Ministry authority for their release is received.
Monetary matters are not dealt with by this office but by the Air Ministry (accounts 13 Department), Whittington Road, Worcester who will in due course, send a statement of the service estate showing all service credits (e.g. cash found in effects, pay due, etc.) and liabilities, and will remit any balance to the deceased’s legal representative. Correspondence relative to these matters, therefore, should not be addressed to this office.
Kindly quote the above reference in any future correspondence.
Yours faithfully,
Squadron Leader, Commanding,
[underlined]R.A.F. Central Depository[/underlined]

Mrs. D.C.M. Ellis,
253 Balham High Road,
[underlined]London, S.W.17[/underlined]

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[underlined]F 37070 Personal Effects of No. 918424 Sgt. Ellis R.H.G.[/underlined]
1 Cardboard carton containing: -

1 pair blue woollen gloves
3 pairs socks
9 handkerchiefs
1 pair shorts
2 towels
1 pair black silk step-ins
1 A.G. badge
1 3-bar chevrons (pr)
2 nail brushes
1 toothbrush
1 shaving brush
1 bundle of letters and photos
1 book “Five Years Dead”
1 packet Music Manuscript
1 cloth bag
2 pairs black shoes
2 pairs pyjamas
1 diary 1941
1 comb
1 hair brush
2 soap boxes
1 safety razor in damaged case
1 toilet bag
1 shaving stick holder



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