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Detailing Isabel's allowances.

Headed 'Leipzig' in red. Two bomb loads one for main and the other for three aircraft. Details preselection and time delay settings as well as other information including window and nickels. Describes marking methods, spoof attack on Berlin. On the…

Table with weights for tare, petrol, windfinders, spare bodies, take off all up weight, max bomb weight, window, actual bomb weight and all up weight takeoff for various aircraft configurations. Main has twelve aircraft, H2S three, spare one and…

Lists crews and aircraft for operation on night 18/19 February 1944. Includes timings an duty personnel. On the reverse handwritten notes on bomb loads and calculations.

List crews and aircraft for operations on night 19/20 February 1944. One member of each crew is underlined and ticked. Includes timings and duty personnel.
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