Letter to Joan Wareing from Mrs I M King



Letter to Joan Wareing from Mrs I M King


Letter from Mrs I.M. King to Joan Wareing about her son who is also missing. She writes thanking Mrs Wareing for her kindness to her son during his stay with her and her husband. She hopes the sacrifices they are making will not be in vain and prays for the safe return of their loved ones. She asks that if Joan receives any further information that she passes it on to her.




One page handwritten letter


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[inserted] MRS I.M. KING
BRISBANE [/inserted]
No 1 Lilyvale
Riverview St
Milton Heights
Dear Mrs Wareing
I hope you will pardon the liberty I have taken in writing you these few lines.
I have learned from Dorris my sons [sic] wife of your great kindness to Robert my dear boy during his stay in the Mother Country for which I thank you with all my heart.
As his Mother it is very gratifying to know that our boys can go forward to fight the greatest enemy the World has ever known and it is to be hoped the sacrifices we are all making will not be in vain.
Since receiving the sad news of the boys not returning to their Base its only natural I feel the position very deeply and we can put our trust in God & pray for their safe return after we have crushed Hitler and his Gestapo and the people of the World will once again live in Peace & Harmony and the little children of today will never have to fulfil similar obligations
If you should happen to gain any further information concerning the boys I will deem it a great favor [sic] if you would let me know as I thought you being so close at hand you might receive news which we in the Dominions could not procure.
However trusting to hear good news in the near future and again expressing sincere thanks.
I remain
Your sincere friend
Mrs I.M. King



I M King, “Letter to Joan Wareing from Mrs I M King,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 25, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28216.

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