Letter from Alan Green to his parents



Letter from Alan Green to his parents


Alan is pleased that he has received mail from his parents. He has received a letter from a girl but is quite offensive about her literacy. He is looking forward to getting home at the end of the war.




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[underlined] Kriegsgefangenenpost [/underlined]

[inserted] written 24.9.42 [/inserted]

[inserted] OPENED BY EXAMINER 1908 [/inserted]

Mr & Mrs W.H. Green
Firs Estate
Kenilworth Rd

[sender] F/O Green

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My Dear Folks,

Mail has now started to come through pretty well, and the last letter I rec'd from you was dated Aug 30th and arrived yesterday. I must say that I was very pleased to resume contact with the outside world, but unfortunately the German High Command have imposed a ban on incoming mail. They say that this is a retaliatory measure because they claim to be not receiving mail from their own P.O.W's. This limits me to 4 letters from 22nd Sept to (9th Oct. However, you probably know all about this from the papers – But keep on writing!

I am very relieved to know that you managed to get all my things, and that you have managed to get some parcels off for me. I must confess that I feel I have created quite a stir in Coventry, & hate to have caused you so much trouble, but still would prefer to be at home. By the way Pa, I never was aware myself that I was as popular with the girls as you made out in your letter. By the way, I have just rec'd a letter from Miss June. It is sufficiently illiterate, and shows such carelessness, to have severely shaken me – to an extent that you need not worry about anything much coming of our acquaintance. You may be amused by this, but you cannot deny that I treated the whole matter with some reserve (ref: my first letter, when I said, “send a parcel until see how the land lies”)! Have rec'd Gwen's letter – many thanks Gwen, - I did not realise you were getting so old. Your letter makes quite a contrast to June's illiterate effort. - Good Show!

Am very pleased to hear Basil is OK, and the society have sent books. I am very well, but have lost quite a bit of weight due to a mild attach of dysentry [sic]. However, am over that now, and keeping as fit as ever, - so do not worry! I am looking forward to the end of the war, and think I will take a good long holiday touring England before settling down. I would like to do Canada & the States, but don't think time and money will permit. All for now & love to everyone Alan



Alan Green, “Letter from Alan Green to his parents,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed October 2, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28165.

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