Letter to Joan Wareing from Norah



Letter to Joan Wareing from Norah


Say she had not forgotten her and carries on with general news and gossip. Continues with news of activities. Asks if she has had news of Bob and offers sympathy.



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Four page handwritten letter


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47 Gurnell St.
[underlined] Oct 11th 1944 [/underlined]

Dear Joan

Please dont [sic] think that I've forgotten or forsaken you, because I havent [sic] been up to see you for a while I feel awfully guilty about it. I hope you'll forgive me.

Last week, on Mon: it was the Drama & on Wed: it was Choir practise. I looked in there about 8.0. ish. I had been to the Chiropodist after leaving school & then I had to go to see my god-children, as they were one year old. Did you know I had twin God-daughters? Mrs Robinson (their mother) was at school with me until these babies came. She used to talk

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to me about "David" etc & then she asked me if I would "David's" God-Mother & I said "Yes" of course – but "David" turned out to be twin girls Diane & Brenda. I was to be Diane's God-Mother & some one else Brenda's but unfortunately the said lady didnt [sic] arrive on the day & so I had to stand for both. They really are lovely babies though, so very much alike & lovely curly hair. I usually call during the week on my way home from school, but last Wed: was a special day & so I was late for choir practise. On Friday it was Drama again. I think I told you that Jack Bocock [?] was my "husband" in this play? He can only attend 2 weeks out of 3, so that I feel I must be there

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when he is & then I'm not so much bothered about it if he's not there. So you see my three free nights were occupied. & Tues & Thurs I'm busy baking. On Sat night I feel as if I had a cold coming on, so went to bed early & stayed until dinner-time on Sunday & managed to ward it off I think. On Monday of this week, I had to go to Drama again. Tonight has been choir practise & earlier on I went to have my hair cut & shampoo'd. I did intend calling to see you, but it [inserted] was [/inserted] later than I thought when I came away & I hadn't had my tea, so I decided to send you this note & hope you'll understand & forgive me.

I'm going to Blackpool with Joyce

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on Sat morning, for a week.

I'm sorry its [sic] fallen this weekend as its [sic] the C.E. Anniversary, but it cant [sic] be helped, its [sic] our last holiday before Xmas.

Have you heard anything from Bob? I do hope so & that its [sic] good news. Keep your chin up & be brave for a little longer dear & it all will come right. There are lots of prayers being sent up for you both dear. "Prayer is the souls [sic] sincerest form of speech, uttered, or unexpressed".

Give my love to your Mother & Dad. I'm often thinking of them. I'll send you a card next week, & then I'll call & tell you all my news when I get home.

Keep smiling & lots of love dear.


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