Letter to Joan Wareing from E Goldthorpe



Letter to Joan Wareing from E Goldthorpe


Writes that saying they are pleased to hear that Bob is alive although a prisoner of war. They continue with general social news and gossip.




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Four page handwritten letter


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9 Headlands.
Oct 21/44

Dear Joan

We had been eagerly awaiting a letter from you and were very glad when it came the other day. You will feel some sense of relief in having the detailed news from Alan.

They must have had a terrible experience on that last trip and it is a [one indecipherable word] that Bob is one of the four still alive altho' [sic] he is a prisoner of war - not for long now it would seem.

You [underlined] will [/underlined] hear, no doubt, very soon thro' the International Red Cross at Geneva.

There must be quite a story attached

[page break]

[inserted] 2 [/inserted]

to the sending of that letter from him that reached you a few weeks ago.

You will hear it when you see him again.

Meanwhile keep hoping and trusting.

An item of news from Maurice. Their M.O. is Squadron Leader Barclay late of Desborough [?] who knows Bob well. You perhaps remember him, he used to visit your [one indecipherable word] at Market Harborough.

Another item - we think we heard [two indecipherable words] in Workers' Play Time last Wed, especially when Harold [one indecipherable word] sang & [two indecipherable words] played the Sleigh-bells.

The announcer did not give the name of the

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[inserted] 3 [/inserted]

accompanist - [underlined] was it Joan Wareing? [/underlined]

Several people who were at Eileen's wedding keep asking about Bob & Alan. We have told them your latest news.

Maurice is still in Northern Ireland. Yes - Coastal Command is quite busy!

[underlined] 3rd. item. [/underlined] Joan Cox (first bridesmaid) is contemplating matrimony with Jimmy Gardener her U.S.A boy friend.

She credits Eileen with giving them the idea. The date is Dec. 16th.

[underlined] Enquiry? [/underlined] Is there any news of [two indecipherable words] We have

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[inserted] 4 [/inserted]

wondered about him lately.

Our warmest regards to all of you. Write again, please, we shall appreciate it.

As ever

[underlined] [signature] [/underlined]

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E Goldthorpe, “Letter to Joan Wareing from E Goldthorpe,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed February 26, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/28110.

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