Letter from Flight Lieutenant Henry Woods to Mrs Joan Wareing



Letter from Flight Lieutenant Henry Woods to Mrs Joan Wareing


From Adjutant of No. 582 Squadron to Mrs Joan Wareing, He writes that he wanted to send a few lines of appreciation for Robert and his work and says that he also knew Robert’s brother Stanley. He says that they were both charming and had a keen sense of humour and that Bob was very popular on the Squadron. He mentions that they both come from Lincolnshire and chatted about Boston and mutual friends. He expresses his profound sympathy and hopes that news may be forthcoming that Robert will be safe.




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No 582 Squadron,
Royal Air Force,
Little Staughton,
Near St. Neots, Hunts.
[underlined] 8/Aug. 1944. [/underlined]
Dear Mrs Wareing,
You will already have received a telegram and possibly a letter from the Squadron Commander notifying you that your husband, S/Ldr Robert Wareing D.F.C. has been reported missing as the result of air operations last (Monday) night.
I feel, as Adjutant of his Squadron, that I should write you a few lines of appreciation of Robert and his work, particularly as I also had the good fortune to know his brother, Stanley, who was at Stratford when I was Training Wing Adjutant there. It would be impossible to find two young men with such charm of manner and such a keen sense of humour. Both were as fine fellows as one could wish to meet, and Bob’s popularity on this Squadron was a real and assured thing. We all feel a sense of personal loss, for both as a man and as a Captain of aircrew he will be greatly missed.
[page break]
Both he and I hail from Lincolnshire, and, as recently as Sunday night we were chatting about Boston, my home town, which he knew very well and in which we had mutual friends.
May I now express the profound sympathy which we all feel with you and yours in your great anxiety, and, we trust, only temporary loss. We hope, with you, that news which may restore him and his gallant crew to you and to his Squadron may soon be forthcoming.
I am,
Yours very sincerely,
Henry G. Woods F/L.
[underlined] Adjutant. No. 582. Squadron. [/underlined]



H G Woods, “Letter from Flight Lieutenant Henry Woods to Mrs Joan Wareing,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 2, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/27921.

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