Letter from Robert Wareing to his wife, Joan



Letter from Robert Wareing to his wife, Joan


He writes that he has managed to take his car in to get fixed, and that he is looking forward to his leave with her. He says that she seems to put in a lot of time at her work and that she must be appreciated as she has just received a pay rise. Continues with news about his socialising and meeting friends and family.




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Three page handwritten letter


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R.A.F. Little Staughton
St Neots,
Hello Joan Darling,
Thanks for your letter Dear. I think the fixing of the car was the most difficult. However, I managed to get a day off from 2 o’clock yesterday until 2 o’clock today so I managed to get the car to Harborough. It was quite a slow journey but I made it. They will have it all fixed by our leave on the 19th – only twelve days to wait. I’m looking forward to spending a leave with you again Dear. I think Bob wants to come again for a few days, but will
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find out nearer the time.
You certainly seem to put in a lot of time at App-Frod. However your work must be appreciated or you would not get the rise in pay. I can see you will soon be earning more than I do. I shall not have to work after the war – provided you give me plenty of pocket money.
I’m glad the new suit & hat went down OK. Apparently it depends on the mood for the moment.
I called in at “Rosehill” & they all seemed quite pleased I called & wanted to know how you were doing. They were disappointed we did not call in when we were at Kettering, but I shot a line about being on “ops” &
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did not have any spare time. The boys were home on holiday but they were out at Maidwell.
I then went on to the ‘drome, but it doesn’t seem quite the same now that “Uncle” has left. Most of the people there seem to be going back on to ops. Jock Baker is going back on the job when the [sic] gets back from leave.
I managed to get a lift back this morning in an oxford.
Well Darling I will say cheerio & will be seeing you on the 19th.
All my love Dearest.
Yours always.
Bob xxxxxxxx



R Wareing, “Letter from Robert Wareing to his wife, Joan,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 20, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/27906.

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