Letter to Joan Wareing from Helen Bowling



Letter to Joan Wareing from Helen Bowling


The author writes expressing her delight at the good news she has received from the recipient. She further mentions two women with RAF connections and family missing in action or prisoners of war who the recipient might visit.




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Two page handwritten letter


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Base Commander’s House,
No. 11 R.A.F. Base,

20th September, 1944.

Dear Mrs Wareing,

We were away in Wales when your letter arrived with its good news. I am indeed happy for your sake and for your husband and all your relations and friends. The R.A.F. is fortunate in hearing good news of such a valuable officer. I expect you let the Air Ministry know immediately. I am wondering whether you have any further news yet. I can picture you and your mother when the news came. You will feel that as your husband was able to write he cannot be too badly hurt. Thank you for writing to tell me the good news so quickly. It is a thrilling story.

You remember I spoke to you about two other people living in Scunthorpe who have a special interest in the R.A.F.

One is Mrs. Booth of 22, Percival St., whose son Sgt. Booth is “missing’. Mrs Booth has also one son in the Navy and one in the Army and a little boy of 4. She it is who has had difficulty in keeping her husband at work since the boys went away, and in consequence has been worried financially. But if you go to see her do not let her know that you know about this. I only mention it because a little friendly interest from an officer’s wife who has known what worry over a loved person means may be of help to her.

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The other is the wife of Sgt. Horrigan who was “missing” but is now a p.o.w. Mrs. Horrigan has just written to tell me she has had a son in the Brumby Wood Lane Maternity home. She is delighted. Perhaps she would like to have a visit and show off her son. If you do go, please tell her I have asked you to look her up and see if she has been able to let her husband the good news yet. She had not yet received his “permanent” camp address, but I advised her to ask the Red Cross (P.O.W. Dept. St. James’s Palace) to try to send him a message with the news.

Of course, with your own work you may not be able to make these visits. Do not worry about it if you cannot, but I think it is nice for the R.A.F. womenfolk to keep in touch with each other especially when their men are away.

I am absolutely delighted about your news, and hope you soon hear something more.

Yours sincerely,

Helen M. Bowling

Mrs. Horrigan’s address is 123, High St., Scunthorpe, but I expect she is still in the Maternity Home.

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